How to Choose a Real Estate Agency?

Buying property is often a once-in-a-lifetime decision, and of course everyone wants to do it the best way possible. It would take some time to weigh all your options, finalise your budget and eventually come to the conclusion what kind of property you need: a small apartment, a big house etc. Surely lots of people will need help from professionals: that’s why there are real estate agencies who will guide you through the whole process.

But when it comes to choosing an agency, who shall you opt for? In this article, we compiled all our know-how and are more than happy to share it with you.

  1. Generally, there are two types of real estate agencies: big and small. If you want to deal with a big one, be aware of the fact that there could be a lot of newbies who don’t have much experience. And surely small doesn’t mean unreliable: always try to look for one who has a good reputation and positive reviews from clients. 
  2. Choose a proper real estate agent! Nowadays lots of them have their own websites and accounts on different social media. To attract more clients, they are working hard on content trying to make it appealing and entertaining. 
  3. Top-notch real estate agents are able to assess the value of the property fairly, so it’s not too expensive or too cheap. They follow property news, are aware of the latest trends and regularly check price maps. 
  4. It’s extremely important to have a well-prepared apartment or a house! If you came to take a look at your possible future property and it’s untidy, dirty and messy – better not to deal with this agent. Besides, some agents even make a 3D view of the property which makes the process easier and more pleasant for both sides. 
  5. Good communication is a must! A professional real estate agent should always look for a perfect solution for you, reply in time and pay attention to tiny details. 
  6. Buying a property is always a tough and difficult process. Professionals in the real estate sphere know that and try to make their best to ease it and overcome all potential obstacles. Since purchasing a property is usually focused on a big amount of money, good real estate agents should always treat a client with respect and help them in any way they can. 
  7. Due to new property law in the Czech Republic, a real estate agent can protect both sides (client’s and their own) using a lawyer or a notary. 
  8. Make sure that your real estate agent is insured! If there is any damage caused by them, you’ll be covered.

Last but not least, take a look at Facebook and Google ratings of the real estate agency! See how we have it on our Facebook and Google.

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Karyna Babkova

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