Relocation Agency vs. Real Estate – What’s the Difference?

Surely many of you have encountered the term “relocation agency,” especially if you have already used any kind of Foreigners services. But what does it actually mean and how is it different from the term “real estate agency”? In this article, we gathered all of the answers from our relocation consultants at Foreigners.

  • Real estate agency

A real estate agency offers a certain selection of various flats, arranges flat tours, helps you sign a lease agreement, and hands you over the keys to your future flat. These services are always charged and when the agreement is signed, a real estate agency is no longer taking care of you or your accommodation. They don’t do any type of immigration services either such as: visa arrangement, health insurance, translations, trade licence. All of that is completely on you. “Why?” you might ask. The reason is very simple: they usually deal only with locals who are looking for accommodation and, of course, speak a local language.

  • Relocation agency

A relocation agency works in a different way. Their clients are mostly expats and foreign students who lack the understanding of the local language. In addition, a relocation agency provides different kinds of immigration services (employee card, language assistance, driving licence, etc.) at an additional cost. One of the main goals of a relocation agency is to adjust expats to the local routine. In other words, to explain to them certain specifics of the country they moved to. Thus, expats will adapt to the local way of life way quicker and will be capable to understand the people they’re surrounded by.

There are additional perks of using the services of a relocation agency. One example is that they remain in touch with a client and landlord to help both sides come to an agreement and solve any issues that might arise. It’s especially important in cases when a client and landlord don’t speak a mutual language (which happens almost always). Some relocation agencies also arrange various sports, cultural, and social events. All of them are English-speaking and give local people an opportunity to meet expats, help them integrate, and even learn something new from them. Foreigners organize such events quite often. Take a look and discover more about what’s coming up.

Relocation agencies can help you with not only finding a flat but also arranging a visa, health insurance, and other important documents.

Let’s sum up the main points of what a relocation agency can help you with:

  • Find a proper accommodation and keep in touch with you and your landlord throughout your whole stay
  • Offer various kinds of immigration services
  • Assist you with any issue that may arise
  • Help you adapt to the local routine

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