Bobsled Track in Brno

Are you looking for a new activity for yourself or your kids? If you are an adrenaline junkie definitely you should try the new bobsled track by Kadlcův mlýn in Mariánské údolí, Brno – Líšeň district. It’s the first one in Brno and the entire South Moravian region, too.

bobsled track brno
The total length of the new bobsled track in Brno is 1 021 meters.

For most of us it’s a sport we notice while watching Winter Olympic Games. And some of you may have seen the Cool Runnings movie about the first Jamaican bobsled team. Bobsledding is practicable not only in winter, though. Bobsled tracks or so called Alpine Coasters are open all year round so you can enjoy an exciting ride whenever you feel like!

Hidden in the wood, Bobovka mlýn’s bobsled was open at the very end of last year, as the one with the highest superelevation in the Czech Republic: 67 meters.  It’s 800 meters long, there are 12 turns and one „tailspin“.

bobsled brno
The bobsled is equipped with seat belts like in a car so the ride is safe for adults, as well as children.

The maximum speed of the bobsled is set for 40 kilometers per hour. 300 hundred people can be processed in one hour. One ride is 50 Czech crowns for children and 60 Czech crowns for adults. It’s also possible to get a season ticket.

Watch the video shot directly in the bobsled here.

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