Fun Winter Activities

Please your inner child:

Start a snowball fight

snowball fight

Build a snowman

build a snowman

Make a snow angel

snow angel

Catch snowflakes on your tongue

snoflakes on tongue

For Foodies:

Bake cukroví

bake cukrovi

Have a glass of hot wine or grog

hot wine

Pop open a bottle of champagne to get you into New Year’s mood

pop open champagne

For sports fans:

Go ice skating

ice skating

Go skiing




For indoors:

Curl up under a blanket with a good book

read a book under a blanket

Watch Xmas movies

watch xmas movies

Complete a jigsaw puzzle

complete a jigsaw puzzle

Wear fuzzy slippers at home

fuzzy slippers Image 1 / Image 2 / Image 3 / Image 4 / Image 5

Annie Fed

2 thoughts on “Fun Winter Activities

  1. I got used to going out during the winter season to play, ever since me and my family decided to move into Denver. Parks and recreation centers here always held awesome activities, especially during these seasons! Thanks for the fun ideas and activities my personal favorite would be #18! It s actually a great idea, since it s so cold that water-based paint will dry up fast and will stay there till spring!

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