A Trip to Velke Bilovice

A picture of the Velke Bilovice countryside

This weekend our Study Abroad Program traveled to a small village outside of Brno called Velke Bilovice that has around 3000 inhabitants and is widely known for their delicious wines. Velke Bilovice sits around 30 minutes away from Brno. This city is considered the largest wine territory in the Czech Republic with over 800 hectares of vineyards. Most of the 3000 inhabitants make a living out of the wine industry, specifically white wine because the climate in Moravia.

The view from the vineyard we visited

For wine tasting, our group traveled to a beautiful vineyard and walked down the stairs into a dark cellar.

Where the wine is aged and bottled

At this one vineyard, we tried 15 different wines. We tried 10 whites and 5 reds.

A picture of 2 of our favorite white wines we tried

The vineyard also provided us with a delicious mild white cheese, sausage pieces, and sourdough bread to freshen our pallets.

Some of the snacks we enjoyed in between wines

After learning and trying about 15 different wines, we had the option to buy our own bottles to bring home. Each of us purchased 2-3 bottles to bring back to America or enjoy that weekend. After returning from Velke Bilovice, we continued our own wine tasting in a park by our hotel in Brno while taking in the sunshine.

A park near our hotel in Brno where we enjoyed more wine


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