Why Prague summer is going to be special

Weather has been cruel to us so far, frosty morning and a bit of snow in the end of April, who would expect that?!  All the Prague locals are simply in need of a break in between gloomy spring days. We’re all praying for summer, especially knowing, how special it’s going to be. Want to learn why? Read on!

  • Chairs in the streets, grills in the parks. Have you ever used tables and chairs’ setups in New York or sun lounges in front of Buckingham palace? You might have missed them in Prague then. However, starting from May, chairs and tables will be placed in 5 (so far secret) locations around Prague! They say, mostl likely you’ll stumble upon one of those at National theatre Piazzetta. I also heard some gossips about commune bbqs being placed in some parks 😉
Outdoor chess boards in Prague 2
Outdoor chess boards in Prague 2
  • Outdoor chess boards. All chess fans will be excited to hear about the outdoor chess boards to be found around Prague. Where exactly? You can come and play (or watch others play) to náměstí Míru, Grébovka, Riegrovy sady, Karlovo náměstí, Kampa and Karlín. This initiative is also great for those, who love chess but have nobody to play with.
  • Open air parties are the best! Nothing compares to dancing to your favourite tunes, while watching the sun go down. Party goers can look forward to a few outdoor party spots, such as Tiskárna na Vzduchu, Containall, Stalin or Žluté lázně. However, looks like the biggest outdoor event is coming in May, check out Prague Rooftop Festival. 
special summer prague roof tops
Imagine a party on one of Prague’s roofs!
  • Outdoor cinemas. Ultimate summer fun is not the same without open air cinemas. Enjoying classical and modern movies outside gives an experience a whole new dimension. The most popular one is in Žluté lázně with showings every week, the one at Containall offers free entry. 
  • Grow your own vegetables and herbs. In case you are fed up with not-so-fresh herbs and vegetables from local supermarkets, here comes the alternative suitable even for those, who don’t have a balcony. Communal gardens became a new trend over the past years, allowing hundreds of Prague locals to get a feel for village life. Check out the following gardens: Prazelenina or  Plechárna.
Prazelenina communal garden in Prague
Prazelenina communal garden in Prague
  • Start of the cycling season. Some of the brave ones, who don’t mind having blue fingers and toes, have already started the cycling season. Let’s face the reality though, it’s much more pleasant to go cycling while the sun is shining and a warm wind is blowing into your face. Czech Republic offers numerous picturesque trails, some of which are just outside Prague.

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