Where to Meet Foreigners in Czechia

#LifeInCzechia Settling in a new environment can be hard – but it can also be enjoyable. It is a great opportunity to form new friendships, get to know new cultures and find out that you can feel at home even if you move to another country. So, what are the best ways to get to know new people abroad? 

There are many ways to make new friends abroad

Facebook groups

A typical way to meet new people when coming to a new country is via Facebook groups. Don’t be shy to join groups – it is even better if you find one that shares similar hobbies, for example, movies or gardening. However, we understand that as an expat who does not speak Czech, it is not as easy to join such a group. That’s why we recommend joining international/expat groups first, going for promoted events and creating new bonds! You can join for example Expats and foreigners in the Czech Republic. 

It is also good to search events by googling foreigners’ events, language events or expat nights in Czechia for instance.


Various apps that help people to meet each other, such as Tinder, Bumble or Badoo are a great way to get yourself a new connection. For this article, we will talk about Bumble. Have you ever tried the app before? Let us tell you some basics! Bumble is a great app to meet new people no matter where you are, as there are many internationals, people’s bios tell you what languages the person speaks and also what this person is searching for.

And, most importantly, you can set a preference – whether you are looking for a friend, coffee date or even a relationship. As for the other previously mentioned apps, they are also great for finding new people, whether expats or Czechs that speak English. These apps are completely free of charge the whole time you are using them unless you decide to pay for the premium version.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Are you an international student? Perhaps you came here for Erasmus and would like to party with other Erasmus participants. Or, you would like to get to know the city that you are staying at but don’t know where to start. Well, start by following ESN on its Instagram or website – it is a student organization that organizes various events, such as beer pong, parties in the tram, but also pottery classes, volleyball sessions or hiking.

There is literally something for everyone – sport, culture or relaxation. Lots of these events are for free, or with a big discount. ESN offers an affordable way to get to know your new city and new friends!


We are proud to participate in helping expats find new friends during the meetups we organize. They are usually in the form of dinner. It is a great way to stay connected with expats in Czechia, as this is the group of people that we cooperate with and our services are mainly for them, as well as having a great dinner with new, interesting people. Read more here. 

Expat Fair

Last but not least, a great opportunity to meet new expats is an Expat Fair that takes place in April in Brno. This year 1,300 expats came to visit. And what’s even better, it is not only a great spot to get to know each other – expat fair gathers Czech companies that are focused on helping and entertaining expats in Czechia. Also, there are stands with delicious dishes from all around the world. Do not miss out on next year!


Do not hesitate to try something new. It is not easy to get out of your comfort zone, but the sooner you do it, the better it will turn out. You will collect great memories with great people. After all, home is not a place, it is the feeling of belonging. Get ready for new adventures and new connections!



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Terézia Bellayová

Hello! I am Terézia, a business student coming from a small town in Slovakia. As I started my university studies in the Netherlands, continued in Barcelona and am currently in Brno, I am very enthusiastic about all of the topics related to moving abroad, as well as to international connections, as I experienced this first hand and I believe it is vital to keep myself up to date!

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