Vienna Trip

One of the best things about the Czech Republic and Brno in particular is that is located in the “heart of Europe”..

Since I have been in Brno I have made day trips to Bratislava, Vienna, and Prague! Each one of these cities offer beautiful sights, castles, and scrumptious food.

My friend from the United States, T.J., was doing a month in Europe, so he spent my first 2 weeks in Brno with me. It was great to have somebody while getting use to a new city, but even better to have a great traveling companion.

It’s easy to catch a train at the central train station “hlavní nádraží (hl.n.)” You can find train schedules (and book tickets here at least 3 days in advance) at, Sometimes there are lengthy lines so it is best to arrive at least 30 minutes before your train. The train station has plenty of shops for newspapers, snacks, sandwiches, and coffee.


Vienna is the city of music, dreams, and constantly ranked a number 1 city to live in Europe, and once you arrive you immediately know why it is so adored by so many.

Vienna is a 2hr train ride from Brno, and it’s well worth the trip if you haven’t been before.  Once you arrive, it is easy to navigate the metro to the center of the city. (I think it was 6.95 euro for a 24 hr transportation pass – but I’d recommend buying single trip tickets because you probably won’t be on transportation too often.)

Streets of Vienna

Once you’re in the center, you can walk to the other destinations. Vienna is stunning – but be prepared to pay. The prices were relatively high; We saw a sign for the traditional schnitzel in center for 18euro! So, we decided to eat at an Irish pub (real traditional) and paid 15 Euro for a beer, sandwiches, and French fries.

We also ventured outside of the center to find cheaper whiskey since it was prohibition back in the Czech Republic – you must seize all opportunities, right?

Suggested sites:

  •   St.Stephens Cathedral(free)
  •   Schonbrunn Palace
  •   Naschmarket– a shopping market, insight into daily Vienna life
  •   Belvedere Palace (Schloss Belvedere)
  •   Hofburg Palace
Hofburg Palace with Pittsburgh Steelers “Terrible Towel”

In the photo above you can see me with my home town American Football team – the Pittsburgh Steelers, this iconic towel has even been in space, and now it’s in front of the Hofburg Palace with me 🙂


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