Useful Apps When Living Abroad

#LifeInCzechia It is not easy to move abroad and learn how everything works in a foreign country. However, there are apps that can lift some weight off your shoulders and make your life easier. Look through the following categories and find the app that can be helpful for you!

Apps can help you especially when it comes to living in a foreign country


When it comes to ordering groceries or meals, there are several apps that you might find useful, such as Everli and iTesco for groceries, Wolt, UberEats or Bolt Food for meals. Although UberEats sadly does not operate in Czechia, there are a few more apps that you might consider using in Czechia: for meals DámeJídlo and for fresh groceries Košík  (website in Czech only) or Rohlík.


Everything you need to do when it comes to public transport in Czechia, from buying tickets to finding clear schedules of buses, trams and trains, use IDOS, Regiojet, PID-Lítačka and Můjvlak. Would you like to borrow a bike? Use a shared bike system via the app Rekola. If you need to go by car or get some stuff delivered from point A to point B, check options on Liftago or Uber. Last but not least, if you need to travel a long distance but are not a big fan of trains, you can use the Flixbus app to travel by bus. For example from Prague to Vienna!


Driving somewhere can be really stressful – mainly when you are moving to a new country and you are just getting used to everything there. What can ease up your driving around in Czechia is knowing where the closest parking is to you. MPLA.IO offers this service and also makes paying for parking super easy as it is accessible via the app.


As the Czech crown is used in Czechia, it gets expensive to transfer your money from one currency to another, depending on which country your bank account is based in. Also, it might be hard to control your finances in case you do not know what the course is at the moment etc. Revolut and Wise both help with international transfers, with smaller charges than traditional bank-transfer. Also, you can see the actual courses of various currencies in these apps.

Internet and telecommunication

Vodafone, T-mobile, O2 – these are the most popular Czech phone operators. And, you guessed it, each of them has its own app, in which you can check your current status, change your service package to another one or request some additional services.  It is good to have the app in case there is something wrong with your data or calls let’s say, you can first check your credit in the app and afterwards search for a customer service number in there.

Restaurants and cafés

As the days are getting more sunny, lots of us spend more time outside. For sure, it is nice to sit on a terrace in the city centre or, on the other hand, in a more quiet quarter of the city, and drink coffee or have a meal. To check restaurants and cafés nearby, use apps such as Tripadvisor, Happycow (to find the best vegetarian, vegan or special-diet restaurants) or European coffee trips.

Electronics and furniture

Whether your new place is poorly furnished, or your old place needs some refreshing touch, check apps like,, or IKEA. You can get inspired by their newest items or purchase something that would fit your style and budget. There are many options and a wide selection of stuff.


Sometimes with moving abroad, there comes an urge to learn a new language. Whether it is for a new job position, studies or simply to enjoy your time in a new country to full extent, it is always useful to know at least a few phrases in the language of the country that you move to. So, if you decide to learn a new language, the app Duolingo can be helpful. But when you need to translate something quickly and right on the spot, or even longer text that includes more complicated words, use DEEPL.


As you can see, there is an app for almost everything you might need. Do not hesitate to download any of them as they are official apps that are in use for several years, so they are reliable and can really help you. In case you would need help with orienting in any of the apps mentioned above, do not hesitate to leave a comment here!



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Terézia Bellayová

Hello! I am Terézia, a business student coming from a small town in Slovakia. As I started my university studies in the Netherlands, continued in Barcelona and am currently in Brno, I am very enthusiastic about all of the topics related to moving abroad, as well as to international connections, as I experienced this first hand and I believe it is vital to keep myself up to date!

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  1. Hello !
    Where do I go to change my permanent residency in Czechia! I live outside of Olomouc and “some say” I should drive to Prerov to change my residency? What do you think?
    I have green residency card and am retired over 70 years. And some say, IF I change residency/flat I must change address? Is this correct? Thanks. RS

    1. Hello Rob,

      You must report a change of the address of your place of residence to the office of the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the MOI (DAMP MOI), ideally to the office responsible for the district where your new place of residence is situated.

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