Benefits of Buying Property in Prague

In a fast-changing world, it’s significant to create a secure and stable environment. Making money is important, however, making the money work for you is even more crucial. And what’s the optimal way to increase your wealth is to make a smart investment. While there are different options for your future invesment – such as investing into funds, shares, businesses – investing into property still remains the most attractive way of capital growth. This article will explain why Prague is your best choice for property investment.

benefits of property in Prague
One of the apartments offered for sale by
  • Stable property rental market. Average rent prices 5-10 €/m2, which guarantee you high returns on the investment.
  • Pro-landlord rental market. There is no reason for the rent to drop down, so the risk of rent decrease or not finding a tenant is very low. Prague is such a diverse city, attracting hundreds of foreigners from around the world as well as Czechs living in small towns or villages, to move to Prague.
  • Property prices in the neighbourhood cities (Munich, Wien, Berlin) are much higher. And why overpay, if you can get a property of the same quality for a much lower price?
  • Pro-landlord laws. There is no rent regulation in the Czech Republic unlike in other European countries. Which ensures, that your rights as the landlord will be covered by Czech law.
  • Property condition is continuously improving. New buildings are being built continuously, the existing ones are being renovated. According to statistics, apartments in new or renovated buildings are more attractive for future tenants.
benefits of property in Prague
Another example of the apartment offered for sale by

Investment into property in Prague guarantees stable and continuous returns with close to zero risk rates. Prague is a European hub for international managers and students, company owners and employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs. The demand for property has been growing over the past few years. More so, the demand for nicely renovated apartments, situated close to the public transport infrastructure. Before making an investment, get an expert advise from property market professionals. will give you an up-to-date consultation and discuss further options with you. All you need to do, is contact our office, our experienced colleagues will treat your case individually and will give you the best possible outcome.

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6 thoughts on “Benefits of Buying Property in Prague

  1. I bought 2 apartments in Czech Republic. I just need more info on the yearly taxes

  2. well, saying the Czech market is lowest in europe it’s pure fantasy, berlin properties cots probably half of the prague market actual price that has grown exponentially and it haven’t been so high never before, how much will it grow before to explode as usual happens, like before in the US and recently in many country of Europe? i agree that renting is good though…but i will buy somewhere else

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