Superguide: No-nonsense Prague Guide

Created by locals, Prague Superguide (UPDATE, September 1: the website is no longer available) is an essense of common knowledge about the Czech capital city and its gems.

Main idea of Superguide is to make tourists feel like locals. Which is why 140-page pocket-size book contains information on gyms and parks, as well as restaurants and live music venues.

Mira Vales, the author of Superguide, over the years of his professional career as a PR manager has built a great network of entrepreneurs and creative minds around him. Superguide is a result of a mutual effort of proactive locals who change their city for the best. They are launching cafes, art galleries, workshop spaces, thus constantly creating the modern side of Prague.

Prague Superguide
Prague Superguide

The first edition of Superguide was actually released in 2015. However, since Prague has been recently experiencing a boom of new venues opening all around the city, it had to be updated with a new edition in 2016. As Superguide’s creator Mira claims, readers can count on a new updated edition every year!

Funny thing is, although Superguide is written in English, many Czechs are buying it for themselves! This is definitely a good sign of a trustworthy piece of work. Either you’re a local or an expat, get your copy of Prague Superguide at office in Jecna 5 or order it online via for 189,- CZK only!

Are your friends or family planning to visit Prague? Be a thoughtful host and get them a copy of Prague Superguide. This way you won’t have to stress about the entertainment, you’ll just follow the detailed instructions from the locals on how to have a great time in Prague.

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