Salesman of the Year 2016 Barbora Klementová: It’s gorgeous coming to work with desire and enthusiasm

She has been a member of Prague’s crew for more than 2 years. Not only since her long-term living abroad experience she has been very helpful to all her clients whom she finds a place to stay for. Barbora Klementová had another 12 successful working months and that’s why the Salesman of the Year 2016 title belongs to her.

How long have you been working at and what your position is?

I started to work at in mid-October 2014. I work as a Relocation Consultant senior, at present, which means mainly taking care of foreign clients and fulfilling their housing requierements. Thereby hangs the VIP service, afterwards, when I stay in touch with clients for an entire year providing them support and help for their whole stay in the Czech Republic while they live in an apartment rent with our agency.

How do you like your job?

It’s creative and social work where I meet plenty of interesting people with various life stories. Also, it fills me with happiness because it’s a service for people living in a foreign country. I personally experienced this situation so I know how it feels and I can better put myself into my client’s shoes. Having a sense of responsibility, I sometimes carry my work concerns to home which is my personal struggle. Sometimes there is really a lot of work and absolute organization of time and energy is needed. It’s important to not forget about myself and my family either, though.

Baru v Praze
After living in Cyprus for 20 years, Barbora is currenty setled in Prague.

Where are you from and which foreign country you lived in?

I was born in Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Eastern Bohemia region, in the foothills of the Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory). I like mountains a lot. When I lived in Cyprus I took to Troodos mountain range which at its almost 2 000 metres offers magnificent view down the valley to the seaside. There are touristic paths with wonderful surroundings and beautiful fresh air. My life in Cyprus is related to a Cypriot Greek whom I have two daughters with. I lived in Cyprus for nearly 20 years, working there for 15 years. It’s my second home and I come back to my house there regularly. I like mediterranean climate, sea, swimming, and local dietary cuisine a lot. But Bohemia and Prague are my real home so it makes me very happy I live and work here nowadays. To combine both of my homes is perfect for me since each of them has its own beauties and qualities. I have created a bilingual environment in my family so one of the reasons why I enjoy working at is the fact I can or I directly have to use foreign languages, English and Greek in my case.

What are your plans right now?

I have no specific plans. I want to keep working, be active and self-contended. I would like to travel and see other continents than Europe and Africa, New Zealand or South America for instance. Traveling is my hobby. I like nature and places which are not full of tourists. I prefer a private road and I often visit my foreign friends so I can try the way of life abroad on my own skin. If any custom, food, or a recipe speaks to me I usually try and use it in practice later. This is again connected with my work that gives me an opportunity to look in different cultures and traditions.

Baru s klientkou
Barbora with her Iran client Masha

What do you like to do besides working?

I am a go-ahead person open to new ideas and experiences. I like sport; skiing, riding a bike, hiking. I enjoy discovering new places, their history and natural uniqueness. Languages are a bit topic to me, especially Greek which is a language of amazing dimensions and big inspiration.

What does your job mean to you?

To work at isn’t only a job for me but first of all a great opportunity of self-recognition, self-reflexion and self-development. It’s gorgeous coming to work with desire and enthusiasm. It’s a pleasure to be surrounded by young, talented and hardworking people, to be inspired and inspire. I am thankful I have all of that.

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  1. Was born outside of Karlovy Vary and moved to Germany and then USA. Want to move to Prague this year and stay. Want to live out my life were I was born. Will contact you around May and would like to use your expertise to help me relocate to Praha. Please feel free to stay in touch with any advice you may have. Would like to use your services once there. Thank you in advance. Rudy Swiridoff.

  2. Hello!

    I am still trying to live in Prague in June and July 2017 and am seeking an affordable living situation in an appealing part of the city. I am 68 and enjoy walking a lot. I am fine with a roommate situation as long as I have my own room. Are there options for me?

    I thank you very much.
    Joyce Lichtenstein

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