Apartment vs. Dormitory

What’s better: living in a dorm surrounded by other students, or a private flat? There’s no objective answer since it always depends on your current preferencies which can change in a time. What are the most common reasons why people choose to move off-campus?

To stay in the dormitory is very practical at the beginning of your studies. You have a roommate who can help you find your way in a new place, you can study together, go to school together, and share your experiences. Also, there are other classmates/students around you who you can ask for an advice, borrow a textbook from them, or join a dorm party with no need to walk or travel back home late at night when the party is over. But after some time, usually a couple of months, you can get sick of this way of housing. You see the same faces all time, you suffer from a lack of privacy, or you simply need a change. Another possible situation, you find a boyfriend/girlfriend and you want to live together. So, what are the advantages of living in an apartment?

apartment vs dormitory
After some time spent in a dormitory many students decide to move in a private apartment.
  • Privacy

It’s almost impossible to have a privacy in the dorm. If you are not willing to spend extra money to live in a private room you have to share a small room with another person. That might fun but, purely and simply, every person needs to be alone sometimes. Even if you decide to live in a shared apartment you get more privacy since you usually get your own bedroom and you don’t have to share bathroom with tens of unknown people but only with those few who you share the flat with.

  • More freedom

In the dorn, you have to follow strict rules which might be pretty annoying. You have to come back at the certain time, you can’t move with the furniture in your room, there can be surprise inspections any time. You have much more freedom in the apartment. You can leave and get back as you please, you’re allow to have the stuff in your room however you like, and if the landlord wants to visit, it’s common to notify you in advance.

  • Bigger space

Apartments give you much more space than the dormitory. You can cook and eat in a kitchen, you can enjoy a living room, and take your time in a private bathroom. That’s incomparable with the dorm where you are lucky to have enough space for a bed, a desk and, possibly, a shelf.

Apartments offer more space and privacy.
  • Equipment

Flats are equiped with cookers, washing machines, sometimes a kettle or another useful appliances which you share with only several people. That makes you fully independent and you can cook or do your laundry almost whenever it suits you.

  • Hosting guests

Although the dorm parties are cool the flat is more suitable to welcome guests. You can invite your family or friends, prepare some food and hang out in a living room. They can even stay overnight. Parties are also easy to host, just don’t forget you have neighbors who may not like to listen to loud music deep at night.

  • Various localities

There are only a few dormitories in a city, typically close or with a good connection to the particular faculties. Apartments are located all around the city. Do you want to live in the city centre or prefer a suburb way of life? Look at the list of apartments and choose your next address!

If you decide to move in an apartment don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a rich property offer and we will be happy to give you a hand  in your accommodation search.

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