Our Multitalented Office Coordinator at Foreigners Brno: Nicol Ilenčíková

Have you ever been to our Brno office, Masarykova 32? There you can meet the most energetic Office Coordinator in the town! She welcomes you with her smiling face and helps you (almost) whatever you ask for. Let’s learn more about her and the secret of being full of life!

Nicol with her colleague at the Multilingual Job Fair in Brno

Nicol, how long have you been working at Foreigners.cz and how did you meet the agency?

I’ve been working for Foreigners one year and nine months or so. It was actually funny how it began. I didn’t know Foreigners before or the people here. After the first interview, I realized that I know one of the owners of the company, Andrejka. Together with her husband, she used to attend one of my couple dance classes. Also, we met at one grill party where I was invited by my best friend who is the best friend of Andrejka’s husband, too.

However, we had never talked about what she’s doing so I was nicely surprised in the end. Because I remember I told myself that Andrejka is a strong person and I would like to know her more and now I am working in her company and it’s an amazing journey so far.

Can you tell us about your educational background?

I studied at a law faculty and my specialization was the law of public administration. I liked it but soon I realized that I don’t want to be a civil servant. It just wasn’t my way. I needed something more dynamic and creative. I studied languages abroad, as well I studied Spanish in Barcelona and English in Bournemouth.

Nicol Modeling
Professional photo of Nicol’s modeling

Are you happy working on your position at Foreigners?

I love it. If I didn’t love it I wouldn’t be here. In this company, I feel safe. I learn new things every day and together with my colleagues, we are an amazing team. I’m always looking forward to going to my work even I know it’s going to be a tough day because in our team we have the best colleagues and strong leaders so nothing can’t go wrong. It sounds like a dream, right? But it’s real!

That sounds really great. And, what is your job about, what do you do at the office?

My position is the Office Coordinator. Wouldn’t you say it’s some boring receptionist job? Yes, it’s included in my work but there’s more behind it. The other task is to take care of our clients (or anyone who asks for our help) which is the most challenging and creative part.

Everytime our clients are facing something they can not handle themselves, I’m ready to help them and solve it. I also do flat takeovers with the clients and their landlords. And another part is to be the right hand of the Executive Director and support our team.

Nicol’s photo shooting with wedding dress

Can you share one of the extraordinary situation that you have faced at the office?

There is a lot of them because I work with foreign people and every situation with them is special. I have one extraordinary memory but not from the office. One of our clients asked me for my assistance to go with him to the dentist. Which is very usual for me since not every doctor speaks English (unlike English-friendly Duo Smile). So I made an appointment, went there with him and translated everything that the doctor said.

The dentist found out that our client broke his front tooth and the rest has to be pulled away. My job was done when I translated everything but he asked me if I could stay and hold his hand during the intervention. In the first second, I was surprised but I agreed.

So while the dentist was pulling his tooth away, he was screaming, the blood was everywhere and I was trying to calm him down. In the end, he thanked me a lot because he was afraid of dentists. So, my assistance turned out to a psychical supporter which I did not mind.

I know you have different hobbies which are not related to each other. Can you tell me what are those hobbies?

Yes. I am a fashion model and I have been doing it for years.I won some beauty competitions. I walk fashion shows, wedding fairs and I am a photo model. I also have been dancing since I was a little kid and  I went through a lot of dancing styles.

My heart was taken by Brazilian and Cuban couple dances like Lambazouk and salsa. Yoga is my another addiction which I practice a lot because it’s helping me to find the balance not only in my body but also in my life. And because I have my own classes I can help other people as well.

Nicol at Grappling practice with her team

In February 2017 I started with martial arts and it’s totally overwhelming for me. I do Thai boxing and grappling and I found myself training every day.I simply can’t get enough. I already had my first tournament in December and I lost but I’m looking forward to my next fight in a few days. Crazy, right? I can’t be stopped! 

I can shine through modeling, I can show myself in dancing, I can work hard in martial arts and I can find calmness in yoga. Each of these activities is part of me and they are connected. I love all of them.

When Nicol relax by doing yoga

You said you have been living abroad. Which other countries have you visited?

Yes, I’ve been in Bournemouth (England) for 3 months. I traveled around and visited many cities. I spent 1 month in Barcelona which was awesome. Dancing vibes were everywhere! 🙂 I visited Rome for one week. The city is breathtaking and beautiful.  And I could continue on and on with European countries. Now I would like to visit Asia.

Do you have a dream to make come true in the near future?

Sure. My dream is to visit Asia so I’m going to Thailand for almost a month in December/January. I will be training there and be traveling around. Bali or Israel should be my next destination in spring. And I would like to continue competing in martial arts. I keep moving all the time.

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