Duo Smile Opens its Door for Expats

Have you heard about Duo Smile? It is a modern dentist studio in Brno, which gives services for English speakers, too! Hana and Eva – graceful twin dentists of Duo Smile – welcome their patients coming from all over the world!

Hana and Eva being happy in their scrubs

We all have to go there once in awhile, the best before we are in pain! This is a splendid dentist studio where you don’t need to be afraid to go! Why not? Let’s figure it out why from the interview!

At first, Eva and Hana, could you, please, tell us more about yourselves?

Eva: I have arrived in Brno a year ago. I have been working in London, New Zealand, and Oakland. However, I am very happy to be back in the Czech Republic and work in this beautiful city. We’re originally from Šumperk. It’s a small town in North Moravia, due to its location, it is known as “The Gate to Jeseníky mountains.”  Not only for that reason, we both love outdoor activities and nature.

Hana: We do speak English, and we are excited to see you, readers, as long as other foreigners who came over to Brno. Because we used to live in the international environment we love seeing and meeting people with multicultural backgrounds.

When have you decided to open a dentist studio and why did you choose Brno?

Eva: It is a long story. The life itself brought us here. The human life is kind of full of surprises, and different paths you would never know where they take you. It was given to us to be here, and I am very happy for that.

Hana: I will be more specific. What happened 8 years ago? We moved here for our dentist experience, near to a lovely dentist in the first floor when we finished the dentist’s’ school. After being 5 years in London, we were thinking what our next step is going to be. Either to stay in England or come back home, to the Czech Republic. Then we had decided to come back and the question was “where?”.

We studied in Prague, Charles University. So we knew Prague, we used to lived there for a while. It is a reasonably big city. Nevertheless, Brno is close to me, or some reason When we saw the clinic for our experience, we knew that’s it. It was love at first sight! Therefore, we are very happy with our decision, because Brno makes us feel at home from the very first day.

Duo Smile opening ceremony

How long have you been working and living here in Brno?

Eva: We moved to Brno in mid-September 2016, so it has been over a year, and then had 3-months to set up for our surgery in order to start practicing in January 2017.

Do you enjoy your job?

Hana: Yes, we love our job, and we enjoy it. It is really nice to have our own surgery because we are the bosses who choose which materials, equipment to use and how to approach our clients. It is fantastic because for the first time ever we do what we love in a way how we want. We are very lucky to have our patients so far, and the patients become our friends.

Eva: It was our dream to have our own surgery. It needs a lot of work. But it brings a lot of back as well. In term of fulfillment, it’s nice. It’s also kind of teamwork. And we are lucky to meet those people who help us with extras, IT support, and it’s a big team I can say. Moreover, we have also one more friend who works with us here. Her name is Katka. She is amazing.

So, you are a team of 3 people now. Would you like to extend?

Hana: Yes, we are three at the moment. However, we would like to extend our team. We are currently looking for a dental assistant / a nurse or ‘ non-qualified person ‘ who would enjoy working with us & our ” dental guests” and enjoy helping our clients maintain or get confident healthy and beautiful smiles. Someone who is positive and excited about work and helping people like we are. The position is part-time to start with the view of extending hours.

The entrance at Duo Smile

Apart from Czech, you give services in English. It is great!

Hana: Yes. When we moved to Brno, we were excited but we realized that so many people around us speak different languages. Not only English, but Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, and more. Sometimes I felt like – which country I am in? It was so nice for us to see. So we decided to work in English as well because I love speaking in English and meet new people from different countries.

Eva: It’s nice to have various cultures around. I think it is the best about living abroad. Because there are many cultures in one spot. And in Brno, we are getting there. I was surprised when I found out there are thousands of expats in Brno, and I was super happy about that.

Also, when we are in a shop and hear English, we say “Hello!” in a friendly way, and we help those speak Czech or English even.

Besides, in London, there were English people, but there were also lots of foreigners. We had a surgery with patients from people all around the world. Japanese, Italians, Turkish…

Hana and Eva in their surgery room

What nationalities are your patients here in Brno?

Eva: I was always counting, and dreaming we should have a map here and make dots on it. We had Swedish, Japanese – which I was excited because I didn’t have a Japanese patient even in London – then, British, Portuguese, Egyptian, Slovak, Vietnamese, American, Romanian, and Bulgarian, so far.

What about people and their teeth care – are there some nations who have healthier teeth or take care of it better?

Eva: We actually can’t see the differences but it’s all about prevention. The great prevention is from America and Switzerland.

Hana: Canada and Sweden, Australia.

Eva: Depends on the system, which teaches you what is the prevention. Because we do forget it in the Czech Republic. In the school, they do not teach you, or even the dentist don’t teach either. So there should be someone who is going to do what and tell you how it should be done.

Therefore, we are trying to emphasis the preventions. Only then you can have good results. Actually, you can have good teeth if you know how to prevent.

Hana: As we said, also in London we had lots of foreign patients. Every time I had Australian, Swedish, or American, I knew that they had high hygiene and healthy teeth.

Happy clients at Duo Smile

Can you advice how to take care of teeth – some basic recommendations?

Hana: Prevention and dental flows! It’s all about prevention. When we were kids, we used to have a system: the whole school class had to go for dental check-ups. The group of 30 people went to the dentist. We remember it very well because there were some of our classmates who cried a lot and they were in pain. We thought we didn’t have any problem. So the dentist was saying “lovely teeth next, lovely teeth next..”

Then we changed the school and we had a friend whose mother was a dentist. So we went for a checkup. She told I had three decants. And I was very surprised because our previous dentist never told us and we were brushing our teeth very well. Afterwards, I had three fillings done, and she told us how to use flows, which brush to use. After that, I had no problem with my teeth.

Eva: Basically, the recommendation would be dental floss, brush, one a day properly, and the technique. So you need to be shown how to do it properly. Come to our studio and we will show you!

What are your plans and dreams now?

Hana: We approached a couple of schools and we would like to have education fun teeth talks with students. Also, we want our patients to be looking forward to seeing us. It is our goal because 90 % of people are stressed to come to dentists.  We would like to reverse it.

Eva. Happy patients. To have the results that make the patients happy.

Hana: And to see the sparkle in the face of our patients.

These twins know how to relieve their patients!

What do you do to make your patients relaxed?

Hana: We tell them what is the process about since people mostly get nervous because they don’t know what we are going to them. Also, the surgery room is important. The environment has to be nice to make patient comfortable and we think we have it

Could you explain how patients finance their dental treatments?

Eva: That’s an issue that it’s hard to meet exact amount of one payment, so in England, the patient can get a bank loan for their treatment. It wasn’t like that in the Czech Republic but it has started, newly. Now a patient has a possibility to get a loan from the bank for the teeth treatments.

Hana: Our guests –  we like to call our patients guests rather than patients or clients as we thrive on helping each of them like they are family/friends – can pay by cash or card, we also offer an instalment option through J&T Health Care Financing ( loan ), you can pay in instalments spread up to 3 years, you simply fill the form in our office.

We have no contracts with national insurance companies. Let us explain the reasons why. Fees for dental treatments being paid to dentists by national insurance companies were introduced decades ago and have not been changed much since. They do absolutely not reflect advances in modern medicine- technology & materials. We provide a dental care we would like to receive, high-quality dentistry that lasts and is aesthetically beautiful.

This treatment is in health insurance terms called  ” non-standard ” and sadly is within no reach of our insurance companies which cover ” basic ” treatment and material.

Special offer for foreign patients!

Review of Duo Smile from our Relocation Consultant Ha Tran:

“I am so happy that I met these beautiful dentists at Business for Breakfast – they are amazing! I have been in their office on November 28th. When you come, they offer you coffee or tea and they even take your coat – it may seem like a little thing, but I appreciated it a lot! They advised me very well and I am really grateful to be in their care from now on. We have already a plan for extracting my 3 wisdom teeth – thanks to them, I am not even afraid of it. And another great bonus – they work until 8pm which is really unbelievable! Thank you so much, Duo smile!”

The studio is open every day from 8:00 to 20:00. You can get in touch via the phone number, email, as well as online booking or filling the form on their website, and also the Facebook page. Come to Duo Smile studio, and meet these two successful dentists in person! Hana and Eva are waiting for your visit!

Address: Pekařská 84, Brno – 3rd floor

Telephone number:+420 720 020 232

Email: info@duosmile.cz

Watch the blissful interview on our Youtube channel!

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