New to Prague but You Don’t Want to Miss Its Opportunities? Install Expat-1 App!

EXPAT-1 is a mobile application for expats, it covers many cities around Europe, including, of course, Prague! The app makes your life as an expat easier. We spoke to Marina Panko, the muscle and brain behind EXPAT-1 to explain what this useful tool really is.

Who is the app for?
This app is for all expats that are planning to move overseas or already living abroad! All expats can find valuable information on the app entirely in English, starting from “Expat Services” and “Job Search” to “Cultural Events” and “Sports Activities”. So if you are new in town and don’t know where to go out with your friends, or would like to meet new people and network, EXPAT-1 is for you!

How do I download this app, and do I have to pay for it?
You can go to the App Store or Google Play (UPDATE, September 10, 2020: the link had to be removed – page not found): The document was removed from the Ministry’s website)on your phone and download the app, just type in ‘EXPAT-1’. Don’t worry: this app is completely free to download!

What else can EXPAT-1 offer?
The top category in the menu is “Special Offers”. There you can find offers with discounts or additional values from local businesses such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs, yoga centers, and many others. These offers are updated regularly and can be found only in the EXPAT-1 app. Users don’t have to make any prepayments in order to use the offers. All offers can be redeemed at the place, just show it at the counter or to the waiter when ordering. Our goal is to introduce expats to the city and provide them with an ultimate local experience.

For which locations is the app available?
Including Prague the app is available in Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna and Madrid. We are still expanding to even more cities very soon.

So, if you want to make your life as an expat easier and are you in one of these cities, download the app and check it out!

Wow, great news!
Foreigners events and complex relocation assistance are included in the app but if you prefer the old-fashioned way: open your favorite browser, go to Foreigners and check out our 360° tailored services we provide!

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