Invite Your Friends or Colleagues and Take Advantage of Domeq’s Perks Together

Do you like being a part of an inspirational community? Do you like meeting new people from around the whole world, but travelling is not an option for you right now? Sounds like you will definitely fit right in at Domeq.


Presentation Showed at Domeq

Domeq is not a residential house made only for expats in Brno;  it’s also a great place for all young professionals, including natives and even visitors that do not live at the address.  The building offers countless opportunities for improving  your business, for practising a  foreign language or for getting to know the Czech Republic better through Domeq’s residents and surroundings.


In the short time it’s been open, Domeq has  already  hosted a  variety of events: “Business for breakfast,” where you can introduce yourself and your business to other entrepreneurs in Brno; Christmas Domeq Opening, where guests  got to know traditional Czech food and customs; and even yoga classes, where attendees can calm the body and soul. Plus,  you can organize your own event anytime and invite your friends or colleagues.

Pool table in Domeq

At Domeq, you can also play pool with your friends or  other residents. Pool tables are available for tenants and their guests, but you’ve got to get to them in time because there is a lot of people that  want to play every night. If you do arrive a little late, you can always ask a group if you can join; what better way to find friends than some friendly competition? 


If you enjoy cooking with others, you can use the cooking stoves and oven in the lobby. You can get together with other residents and introduce each other to traditional dishes from your culture. People from a variety of countries and continents live at Domeq, so you will most certainly have a chance to taste something new and exotic.

All in all, Domeq  was designed to be a great place for meetings. There is a big lobby with lots of tables, two big terraces and a home cinema projector. You are welcome to plan your own celebrations or events here, or to join events planned by others whenever you crave a chat or some fun. !

The atmosphere is warm and friendly, which encourages small talk and making new friends. At Domeq, you honestly can’t get bored. Life here is filled with activity and laughter, , so join our community to experience travel-like excitement in your own home.

If you prefer to spend your free time more peacefully, read our article Domeq’s Got Something for Everyone. And if you would like more information about Domeq, subscribe to our Instagram and Facebook.

Lenka Shynkarova

I am a Ukrainian traveller and photographer who explores the Czech Republic. So, let's do it together! And don't forget that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

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