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How household insurance works in the Czech Republic? What do you need to pay for? How to calculate it? Do you feel that it is too complicated for you to manage it by yourself? Don’t worry, will arrange everything for you! Take a look at the types of household insurances which offers in cooperation with its partner Slavia insurance company.

Slavia household insurance

There are three types of insurance: BASIC, STANDARD and EXCLUSIVEHere is a list of what each one covers.

Basic insurance

  • covers the damages of the household caused by:
  • Fire and its related circumstances, explosion, crash or hit of an airplane, its parts or its load;
  • thunderbolt both direct and indirect, fire smoke, thunderstorm, hail, erosion of soil, fall of rocks or mould;
  • avalanche, earthquakes, fall of trees, fall of electrical pole or other objects.

Standard insurance

  • covers the damages of the household caused by all of the above plus:
  • hit by a vehicle, overvoltage, undervoltage, sonic boom, leakage caused by a break-down of conveyance structure.

Exclusive insurance

  • covers the damages of the household caused by all of the above plus:
  • leakage caused by water insurance event;
  • damage or destruction of boilers, tanks and heat exchanger stations of the building if the damage or destruction was caused by a frozen water in it;
  • damage or destruction of the plumbing or conveyance structure including the armatures which are a part or a facility of the insured building if the damage or destruction was caused by overpressure or frozen water in them, if the water runs high from the downpipe;
  • break of glass caused by any event, damage of a cooling plant, aquarium water leakage, cut off of the electric motor.

Calculation of the extent of the household insurance:

You also have to choose the extent of the insurance. That depends on the size of the household and the equipment in it. It is calculated like this: 1 sq meter = about 5 000 CZK (can vary if the furniture or equipment is more expensive than usual) Liability is not included in the estimate; it is approximately 840 CZK per year. Please contact us to get an approximate price estimation for your household.

How does it work?

You can arrange your household insurance online, all you need to do is fill in the request form. Or you can arrange your insurance in person in one of our 5 offices in the Czech Republic. 

Please notice that when you want to cancel the insurance the notice period is 6 weeks, otherwise the insurance automatically prolongs for another period.

Make your life safer and easier with and get household insurance now! Or contact us for further information.

Nadya Dyakova

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