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Do you have nice and expensive stuff in your apartment? Do you have to pay high refundable deposit when signing the lease agreement for the new apartment? Do you live in a fancy building? Or simply are you one of these people with a talent to break everything? You definitely should purchase Household Insurance, and we, will arrange this for you as we cooperate with Slavia Insurance company.

Basically, Household Insurance covers the damage in 2 situations, damage to what you own or damage to your neighbors from your side.

Based on these 2 situations, Slavia Insurance offers 3 packages: BASIC, STANDARD and EXCLUSIVE. Let’s find out what are the benefits of these 3 packages.

Basic insurance

  • Fire and its related circumstances, explosion, crash or hit of an airplane, its parts or its load
  • Thunderbolt both direct and indirect, fire smoke, thunderstorm, hail, erosion of soil, fall of rocks or mold, avalanche, earthquakes, fall of trees, fall of electrical pole or other objects.

Standard insurance

  • Covers all of the damage in Basic insurance plus:
  • Hit by a vehicle, overvoltage, undervoltage, sonic boom, leakage caused by a break-down of conveyance structure.

Exclusive insurance

  • Covers all of the damage in Standard insurance plus:
  • Leakage caused by water insurance event; damage or destruction of boilers, tanks and heat exchanger stations of the building if the damage or destruction was caused by a frozen water in it;
  • Damage or destruction of the plumbing or conveyance structure including the armatures which are a part or a facility of the insured building if the damage or destruction was caused by overpressure or frozen water in them, if the water runs high from the downpipe;
  • Break of glass caused by any event, damage of a cooling plant, aquarium water leakage, cut off of the electric motor.

Slavia household insurance

How much for the Household Insurance?

It will depend on the value of the things you want to insure, the package that you choose, and also contribution payment which is the amount of money that you are willing to pay when any damage happens. However, the range of the cost for the Household Insurance is just within 40 – 200 CZK/month (It’s not much at all, and it brings you the secured feeling if you accidentally break anything). Sounds good, right?

Now you have the overview of why you should purchase this Household Insurance, as well as the price range for it.

So how you can purchase:

You can arrange everything in our office:

Purchase in the office

Or if you prefer, you can arrange it online:

Purchase online
Purchase online

Make your life safer and easier with and apply now! Or contact us at or if you are in Prague then for further information.

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