Childbirth in a Face Mask? Pregnancy and Child Delivery During The Quarantine

Coronavirus lockdown has affected all aspects of our lives, childbirth is not an exception. Do I have to visit obstetrics during the pandemic? Can my husband be present during the birth-giving? Do I have to wear a face mask? These and other questions are being asked by worried pregnant women in the Czech Republic. Read this article to know the answers.

Foreign women & birth-giving in Czechia

All pregnant women – EU citizens are able to give birth in Czech hospitals and clinics. Non-EU citizens are required to have a residence permit in the Czech Republic. For unmarried couples, it is necessary to have a declaration of paternity.

Father’s presence during the childbirth 

The presence of the father at birth-giving is again possible in most maternity hospitals (initially, it was not allowed according to government regulation passed on March 28, 2020). However, some hospitals require negative results of a coronavirus test from the last 48 hours. Also, it is obligatory for fathers to wear face masks. The list of the hospitals that let fathers be present during the labor is mentioned in this document which is being regularly updated by the Judo Moneta organization.

Fathers can be present during the childbirth

Labour preparations during the state of emergency

Currently, while there is limited freedom of movement in Czechia, hospitals and clinics have a reduced operation. It also applies to prenatal courses, which are also being canceled. However, it is still possible to arrange a preparation course via phone or Skype. The newly established Union Labour Support Center was created to give support to all pregnant women during the pandemic. Women can call and consult with the professional midwife during the pregnancy or right after birth-giving.

Birth-giving in a face mask?

Since it is obligatory to wear a face mask, is it required during the delivery? It is very individual and being solved differently in every maternity hospital. Besides the regulation and recommendations, it is also important to think wisely considering the current situation and mother’s health condition, her possible health complications, and the possibilities of having the virus. Women should contact hospitals in advance and discuss it personally. 

Child registration

Important to state that new-born children have to be registered via mail. Normally it is required to sign up for the child during 60 days after birth, so due to the nowadays situation parents have to send a certified copy of the birth certificate by post to MOI.

All the measures mentioned above might seem really strict and freedom limiting, but we need to understand that it is necessary to make sure both child and mother will stay safe and sound. 

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