Czechia Fights Against Inequality Between Women and Men’s Wages

Inequality of men and women is a topic that should be discussed by all. Unfortunately, not all the people are familiar with the severity of this issue. Thousands of organizations and campaigns all across the planet are trying to introduce the public to the importance of this topic. In the Czech Republic, one of these organizations is, Business & Professional Women CR z.s (BPWCR). This year, BPWCR is organizing the 12th annual Equal Pay Day conference in March, with the name “Count with us” to fight this serious problem.

The mission of BPWCR are: inspiration I support I connections

What is Business Professional Women CR?

BPWCR is a non-profit organization which associates active women who want to do way more than just business. The organization itself is a part of the international network BPW International. In the Czech Republic, BPWCR was established by Lenka Štastná in 2010.

Lenka Štastná
Lenka´s vision says: ”When women unite, they are capable of incredible things”.

Women in the Czech Republic earn on average 18.8% less than men. For someone it can be surprising, however, for women, it’s a sad reality,” says Lenka Šťastná, the president of BPWCR. Besides that, the Czech Republic has the highest rate of unemployed women with children. This fact has a huge impact not only on the family income but also on the pensions of these women.

In addition to this, the current situation is causing new rather concerning facts regarding the unpaid womens’ forms of work have floated to the surface. A number of parents have had to stay at home with their children, most of them being women. Naturally, because of their spouses’ higher wage. This seemingly small problem has actually had a huge impact on the whole pandemic situation.  There is not enough medical staff at hospitals since a huge part of it comprises of women.

Equal Pay Day Online (EPD)

Equal Pay Day is Business & Professional Women International´s global awareness campaign which points out the still ongoing problem of gender pay inequality, the so-called Gender Pay Gap. This symbolic day in the Czech Republic falls on March 10.

Equal Pay Day
Count on us – that’s the claim of the 12th Equal Pay Day conference

Due to the current situation, this year’s Equal Pay Day is going to be held online. But this has its perks too. Thanks to the existence of online platforms, a lot of famous and inspirational women are allowed to attend. Among them, it’s, for example, CEO & CSO IKEA CR, Hungary Mounia El Hilali Acherkouk Yakhlef, or British skincare specialist and successful entrepreneur and lecturer Antonia Burrell. Her organization Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare was placed in a prestige chart Professional Beauty´s Top 100 Industry Influencers. Next are also Daniela Hlaváčková, Market Head Slovakia of the Mars organization or Gabriela Bechyňská, Corporate & Government Affairs Manager CZ/SK, Hungary Mondelez International. Ekaterine Maisuradze, the president of Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce is worth mentioning as well. And at last but not least, you’ll see also Jackie Brock Doyle whose works are appreciated by Queen Elisabeth II. herself. 

Although the conference itself is mainly focused on women, every year more than 1.000 women and men, who aren’t quite indifferent to the topic of inequality, attend this conference. Lenka Štastná claims that it is on behalf of us and these active and successful women and modern men to create a difference. We need to try to find a way to link the Czech Republic to progressive countries which take full advantage of the women’s potential. 

Where to get tickets

Did this campaign catch your attention and would like to be a part of it? You can purchase the tickets for the 12th annual Equal Pay Day online conference in a pre-sale until the end of February for discounted prices.

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