How to Get a Driving Licence in the Czech Republic

You know what driving in the Czech Republic looks like but you still don’t have your driving licence? Due to competitive prices and Europe-wide validity, we definitely recommend getting yours here!

You can get a Czech driving licence by showing yours at the driving licence office (Na Pankráci 1685/17, 140 00 Prague 4), being aware that requirements change depending on where the driving licence was issued.

If you’re an EU-citizen (or Norwegian, Swiss, Icelander, Liechtensteiner), you have to change your driving licence for a Czech driving one if you’re planning to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 6 months (185 days). To prove it, you can provide a lease agreement or work contract.



If your driving licence was issued by a non-EU state, there are 2 possible cases:

1. Your driving licence meets the requirements of the Convention of Road Traffic from the Vienna Convention (1968) – if the country which issued your driving licence is on the list of contracting countries (like the Czech Republic) it means that your driving licence is a pink plastic card (54 x 86 mm) or paper document.

The front side of it should state Driving licence” in the national language of the country issuing it.

The information has to be included in the following order:



date and place of birth

date of issuance

date of expiration

name or stamp of the authority issuing

licence number

your photo

your signature

groups of vehicles for which the licence applies

additional information or limitations for each vehicle group.

All this information must be written in the Latin alphabet.

→ If you have a residence permit for more than 1 year in Czechia, you have to replace your driving licence with a Czech one within 3 months from the day the residence permit was issued.

→ If you have a temporary, long term or permanent residence with validity over 1 year, you just need to present your driving license at the Drivers Agenda Office of the Municipality.

In both cases, you will need to prove that you live here.


2. Your driving licence doesn’t comply with the requirements above  (i.e. your driving licence wasn’t issued in one of the countries who signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic) then, in this case, you have to attend a driving school in the Czech Republic. After passing the exam in a driving school, you can apply for the driving licence card. Once more, you have to live here for more than 6 months and prove it. For that, you may need some help, and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.



First, you will need to fill in this online application if you’re based in Prague or this one if you’re based in Brno.

After that, we will arrange a meeting in our office and you will pay the advance deposit of 1 500 CZK (Prague) or 1 210 CZK (Brno) which is included in the total price. If you apply through our agency, you’re already getting a discount. After this payment, you will receive all the information about the driving school we work with.


Prices and details for Prague:

Foreigners cooperate with a driving school located in Prague 4 that provides lessons in English.

The driving course required to get a car licence takes place in a 3-month period and costs 14 700 CZK.

Lessons for the motorcycle licence require the same amount of time and cost 18 500 CZK.

When applying for both, the overall price is 26 700 CZK.

These prices include 3 months driving lessons, the final exam (700 CZK) and a court interpreter helping during the final exam (1 500 CZK).

Keep in mind that – before attending the classes  – you will have to pass a mandatory medical confirmation which costs around 500 CZK.

Furthermore, Foreigners offers useful extra options such as:

  • The VIP course for 5 000 CZK more. This service includes training according to your wishes and needs. You can choose yourself the time and place where the training will start and finish.
  • 2-month course for a car instead of 3 if you are in a rush for 1 000 CZK more.
  • Driving courses with an automatic transmission car for 1 500 CZK extra.

*note – check out the current pricing on 


Prices and details for Brno:

Foreigners cooperate with a driving school in Brno-Židenice too. The school provides lessons in English.

The driving course for the car licence takes place in a 3-month period and costs 12 910 CZK.

The driving course for the motorcycle licence requires the same amount of time and cost 9 910 CZK.

These prices include 3 months driving lessons (28 lessons – 45 minutes each), the final exam and a court interpreter helping during the final exam (prices as above).

There is an additional payment of 300-400 CZK for the doctor’s health condition confirmation.

Don’t hesitate to apply on our website!


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Camille Springaux

Hello dear readers, I am a French student living in Prague for a few months. In love with food and nature, I like to share my personal experiences and my travels with others! Enjoy ❤

70 thoughts on “How to Get a Driving Licence in the Czech Republic

  1. I do not reside in Prague. Have been a resident of Mariánské Lázně since July 4, 2015. My wife and I currently are here on our third resident permit, working towards receiving our permanent residency during 2020.
    Are there locations near Mariánské Lázně or in Mariánské Lázně where I can attend a driving school and consequently receive a driver’s license?

    1. Hi Dwight Baker,
      I am moving soon to Mariánské Lázně and was searching for information about where to get my driver’s license nearby. From my research, I found that the closest place was Plzen, which offers a service in English. If you have found places in Mariánské Lázně that do the same, I would be very grateful if you shared that with me!
      Many thanks,


    2. Hi, i’m from Frantiskovy Lazne and i had my driving lessons in Karlovy Vary, my teacher speaks English as he have stayed in Australia for quite sometime.

      1. Hi Christine,
        I’m a kiwi living in Karlovy Vary. I need to sit my Czech license. Can you tell me the name of the English speaking driving instructor you used and how to contact them please?
        Many thanks,
        Fraser Chirnside

      2. Dear Christine,
        Do you mind to share a contact name and number of your driving instructor in Karlovy Vary, please?
        I live and work in KV and would like to get the licence.
        Thank you very much,

  2. I am living here in Europe and have a valid computerised driving licence of pakistan is it possible to may i change with Czech republic driving licence.

  3. I am living here in Europe and have a valid computerised driving licence of pakistan is it possible to may i change with Czech republic driving licence.

    1. Shah jee how do I have saudi Arabia licence it can bi easily change to czech republic . Another thing I know is that he says a visa work parmit will get 4000 euro let’ s tell if he rong ya corect mera koi janany wala hy wo khta hy me viza data ho czech republic ka 4000 euro ka plz bata dain esa ho skata hy fake hy

      1. Hello, Can you please help me with small question, I have also a Saudi Arabian Licence, can I change it to Czech licence ? I read online that it is possible since Saudi is part of the Vienna convention. Thank you.

  4. Hey
    I am Ken and I lived in Norway, and I want to take drive lisence with you company, but its stand that I must lived there in 6.month and have addressed there, that is very difficult cause I live in Norway, it’s that possible you guys can help me. To make its shorter is that possible?? I hope to hear from you guy

    Ken Hoong

    1. Hey
      I am jun and I lived in Nederland, and I want to take drive lisence with you company, but its stand that I must lived there in 6.month and have addressed there, that is very difficult cause I live in Norway, it’s that possible you guys can help me. To make its shorter is that possible?? I hope to hear from you guy

      jun wang

  5. i am from india and i get swedish citizenshipn last year. i have indian valid driving licence. can i
    change my driving licence in Prague or Czech Republic?

  6. I am a Brazilian staying near Ostrava, staying for more 45 days here, Most likely I will have to come back for another 3 months in october..

    I know Brazil is one of the signers of Viena Convention. How could I get a Czech permit?

  7. Hello, may I ask if the Chinese have a Hong Kong driver’s license to exchange Czech driver’s licenses? Need an exam?

  8. Hello, may I ask the Chinese, can I exchange a Czech driver’s license with a Hong Kong driver’s license? Need an exam?

  9. Hello ,

    Do the courses take place in Week-ends ? and what is the normal schedule for such courses ?
    Because I work from 9 to 18 and I want to know if there is any opportunity to take the courses outside my working hours.


  10. Hi good morning, I am from Sweden, I have Swedish citizenship I want to make Driving license it’s possible for me how and when I can start and how much totally cost? Can you please help me if you don’t mind. Thanks
    Mob- 0046708737794

  11. My name is Sakander Cheema I’m living in Germany .i have a permanent residenc in Germany.can I take a driving license in your school.i have no address in Czech Republic .Please contact with me on my WhatsApp ..+491734975660.

  12. Hello foreigners, i am from China and want to drive in Czech Republic, after reading this blog, i tried to contact the, and being connected very quickly with Ms. Kateřina Fučíková from Hradec Kralove office. I am surprised by her proactively helping attitude, all the information she provided are in a lot of details and easy to be understand. Always kind, with smile, which make me feel quite comfortable and reliable in an different country. I appreciate a lot! I will definitely recommend this agency and Kate to any of my friends who need help.

    1. Hi Kris, we’re very happy to hear that! Thank you for choosing us! 🙂

  13. You make it sound simple to exchange an eu license for a cz one.
    Far from it. I have been to Na Pankraci office 4 times now, and each time, been told I have to bring documents that differ from the previous time I was told.
    Today, I provided my passport, temporary residence, proof of ownership of a czech registered vehicle, health insurance, bank card, residential contract and translator, and had we not argued to the point that the security guard threatened to call the police, we would not have gotten as far as we did; namely that I now have to bring all this stuff back for a fifth time, accompanied by phone bills, bank statements and proof of buying bus tickets on my phone for the last six months, lest the crones deny me my right once again to simply exchange one eu license for another. They even tried to fob us off because my translator asked her to repeat something and the pen pusher claimed that there is a requirement for the translator to speak perfect czech and due to mishearing something, my translator’s czech did not therefore qualify.
    Be prepared for carnage.

    1. Could not agree more. They are rude, arrogant and not willing to help at all.I attended to a driving school with English and yelling at me that I don’t speak Czech which is nonsense. And yet the driving instructor still insists that I don’t need an official translator.

  14. Hi,i’m a nigeria can i change my driver license to czech license thanks

  15. hello i am attended to start drive in zlin area.i will be starting this week but i couldnt find from where to study for the exam.i will be happy if you can help me

      1. Hello.
        I have Italy documents and I have Pakistani licence and how is possible I I’ll change my Pakistani licence in Prague czech

  16. Hi I have an expired drivers license from Canada and I am living and working in the Czech Republic since 2017.

    How can I get a Czech drivers license?



    1. Hello Sebastian,

      Thank you for your question! Please write at and my colleagues will get back to you as quick as possible.

      Kind regards,

  17. I have Pakistan international license and I have Italy I’ I change my Pakistani licence in Prague.

  18. hello,i have a indian driving license and now i loving in prague i have 2 year work permit(employee card) how i can get a driving license in czech

    1. Hello Kismat,

      thank you for your comment. Sure, we can help you with the whole process! Contact us at and our team will do best to assist you.

      Best regards,

    1. Hi,

      thank you for your comment! However, in order to help you, we’d need more information about your situation.

      Kind regards,


  19. Hello; I have successfully passed my driving exam in Prague in February 2020. But due to the Pandemic conditions my appointment to go register and get my license at the Prague city hall in Pankrac centre was cancelled, as of today there are no available dates yet, anyone knows when I will be able to go there and what are the documents that I need apart from my biometric card, prove of the passed exam?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello Sara,

      from this Monday (April 20), most offices should be already open (with some restrictions), though I cannot guarantee that the same applies to the Prague city hall in Pankrác. As for the documents you need: You can find detailed information on this topic here or in our articles. Hope this helps 🙂

      Kind regards,


      1. Thanks for the reply; I have one more question, is there a time limit as to when I have to go apply to get my license? since from my driving exam until now it has already been 2 months, is there a time limit? also is there a time limit connected to the biometric card? I heard from somewhere that the biometric card has to be valid for at least 6 months from your driving licence application… My biometric card expires by end of September 2020, is this going to be a problem for the license application?

        1. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a limit for this, however, considering the situation and many countermeasures being in place for an unknown time, they should take into account the fact that you couldn’t do this in time (if that happens). The best advice I can give you right now is for you to try to call them – there are things only they know for sure 🙂


  20. Hello,
    I am a student residing in Prague, and I have a driving license issued in the UAE which is unfortunately expired. Is that taken into consideration if I want to get a license here? Would I be able to get less classes or theory as I already did all of that or would I have to do the whole process from the beginning?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Leon,

      I am afraid that these things are not taken into consideration, however, I am not 100% sure, so I recommend you to schedule a consultation or send an email with your question to – my colleagues will contact you back with more details as soon as possible 🙂

      Kind regards,


  21. Hello,
    I am from Australia and have a long term family visa. In reading the above info, am I correct in my understanding that as Australia has not signed this convention, I have to undergo a driving test. Can I just go for this test immediately, or do I need three months of supervised driving instructor training. I have been driving for 25 years so I know how to drive already albeit the opposite way around.


  22. Hello, I am a full time medical student here in Czech. I’d love to get my driver license in this summer holiday, please instruct on how do I obtain one the quickest way possible.

    Thank you.

  23. Hello,

    Hope you are doing great!

    Thanks for your complete explanation.

    I realized that a person who has the driving license doesn’t need to obtain it again. if the country which issued your driving license is on the list of contracting countries. Right ?

    I wanted to ask now which documents i need to provide the Drivers Agenda Office of the Municipality to exchange my driving license ?



  24. I do not understand why that if I have a license and have been driving for oh, about 50 years, that I have to act like I am a 15yr. old and take this driving course and drive with an instructor and pass a written test. I am from America and currently have a ClassA CDL(Commercial Drivers License) with Endorsements and a Motorcycle Endorsement and a School Bus endorsement yet I still have to pretend like I do not know how to drive and take all these test and courses and pay all this money. We have a saying, YOU EITHER KNOW HOW TO DRIVE OR YOU DON’T!!!! Seems like a little overkill to me but of course we know it is all about the money!

    1. Hi Charles,

      I agree that this should not be necessary for people who already know how to drive but, sadly, we don’t make the rules. Hopefully, they’ll change this one day.

      Kind regards,


  25. My name is Omonjiahion Francis I’m living in Italian .i have and EU documente a permanent residence in Italian .can it be possible to change my nigeria international driver license to Czech Republic driver license and I have no address in Czech please i need your answer .Please contact with me on my WhatsApp . +393202690058

  26. I did my driving license in the Czech Republic this year and I live in Denmark now and want to exchange it for Danish but they say there is a mistake, how can I check that everything is ok with my driving license

  27. Hello, I have a residence in Germany, and I would like to obtain a bus license, knowing that I have a German driver’s license, class B! Is it possible to get a bus license in the Czech Republic?

  28. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am living in Brno at the moment and have plan to move to Sumperk in two months. I need to have my Driving Licence soon but I don’t know it is better to apply for it here or in Sumperk.
    And just wondering can I found English lessons there or not?

    I am so thankful for any information about this situation.
    Kind regards,

  29. >Once more, you have to live here for more than 6 months and prove it.<

    As in other countries participating in the eu fresh made driving licenses
    will be issued immediately to the applicant after the road test has passed.
    What brings me – and i bet many others also – can this 6 month wait
    period be shortened? Or its just a paper tiger to deter all the germans
    who are stuck to a medical-psychological test to circumvent this test
    when they make a new license somewhere else then the test in germany?

    No, im not a german citicen.
    When you took 2 hours daily on the road and include the time for the
    theorethical part im shure a license can be obtained within 6 weeks.

    1. Hi! I’m not sure about the shortening of the period – this question is a bit too advanced for me, but maybe our specialists will know since they have hands-on experience with this admin. You should shoot them an email at


      1. Greetings Tereza, as here stated ‘you’ know driving schools in any
        czech region, so the local driving schools should know.
        For them its a 5 minute call to the local drivers agency asking about it.
        I dont want to get stuck about this in a loop.

  30. Hello, can u tell more about driving schools in prague, does school fees include license price too? what are affordable driving schools?

  31. How I converted my UK driving license in Abu Dhabi in 3 steps (My Experience)
    First I started the process by doing my eye test. I went to one of YATEEM optician branches with my Emirates ID. YATEEM uploaded the eye test report to the traffic system. This particular step required a payment of AED 100.
    Then I headed to INDEX LEGAL TRANSLATION Hamdan branch with the original driving license, UAE ID and one photograph. They did the translation and uploaded the application to the traffic system. This particular step required a payment of AED 150. The Translator there showed me how to do the final step.
    The Final step is to pay license issuance fees (AED 600) through TAMM application then I head to the traffic department and obtained my UAE driving license.
    In conclusion, converting my UK driving license Abu Dhabi required a simple and efficient 3-step process. By taking an eye test at YATEEM opticians, having my license translated at Index Legal Translation, and paying the necessary fees through the TAMM application, I successfully acquired my UAE driving license at the traffic department.

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