How to get a driving licence…

“Hello, I’m interested in driving licence do you offer service like this?” it’s the among most common question which you ask us. And for sure we offer a service for getting a driving license here in Czech Republic. And we are trying to help as much as we can, but be sure that the most difficult part is up to you.

Driving school in Czech
“Wanna drive it? – Get a driving licence first ;)”


How to get a driving licence

In this part, I would like to explain to you the important details of the whole process.

The first thing is to decide that you want to do it. After, contact us and we will tell you what to do next. Also, you can check our web page where you can find all the information which you need.

The important thing is to have all papers which you need for the driving school prepared before you go there. Without these required documents, they will not let you join the lesson.

And what are the documents about?

  • The first document has to be filled in by you, GP doctor and by the Driving school
  • The second document has to be filled in by GP doctor
  • The third document has to be filled in by Driving school (you don’t need to worry about this)


For those who are from Europe

Do not forget that for those who are from Europe, and want to do the driving licence here in Czech you need at least confirmation that you are a student or temporary residence from Immigration office, and it needs to show that you have been in the Czech Republic for 6 months and more.

For Immigration office you need 

  • ID / passport,
  • Purple application for temporary residence (at the Foreigners department)
  • 1/2 photo
  • confirmation of provided accommodation from the lessor/landlord (the signature has to be officially certified at the post office)
  • confirmation of studying (paper one from the study department/coordinator, ISIC is not enough) or your job contract – depends on the purpose of your stay
  • insurance – do you have any commercial insurance or you have just an EU card? EU card (the blue one) is enough!

Driving school for EU members

For those who are NOT from the EU

You don’t have to worry about it because you are already registered in the Immigration office.

Also, the price is important for you. The driving licence cost approximately 15 500 CZK (UPD 2019, the price doesn’t include an interpreter). If you speak Czech the price is cheaper, and after the fees are coming.

For the GP the price is around 270 CZK it’s up to the doctor how much will charge so if you know one try to ask him, he might give you a better price. The payment for the final exam is 700 CZK which can’t be lower as it is made by the Czech government.

And the last fee is for the official translator for the exam and it’s again up to the translator how much he/she will charge but remember that they will help you a lot during the exam time 😉

The payment can be discussed with the driving school and there might be a possibility to divide the payment in two so it will not be so huge amount of money for you.

And what to do after you finish all the paper works? We make an appointment for you in the driving school and after it’s up to you and the driving school. What you should know is DO NOT BE AFRAID OF ASKING!

You need something – ask, do not understand – ask, miss some information – ask. It isn’t a weakness but the opposite 😉

And what happened when you will successfully pass? – CELEBRATION of course..;)


Celebration of passing driving school


But more important is that you have to go to the Municipality of Hradec Kralove to apply for the driver license.

Your instructor will help you to apply as in the office they do not speak English. And for this application prepare 50 CZK. After you have to wait approximately 30 days till you can come back with a paper which was given to you in the first visit and you will just pick up the driver license and that’s all!

Keep up with us, coz next week our client will let you know how is it to get driving licence from her point of view 😉

This article is an example of Hradec Králové city. In case you want more information for other city contact us at

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  1. I m EU Citizen. I live in Sweden. How Can you help me to get a driving licence from your country? Please feel free to Contact with me personally.
    Best regards

    1. Hi my name is Milli,
      Can you kindly tell me the name of your company and do you offer driving lessons in english.

      I live in brno, do you have any branches here where i can register or can you kindly recommend any. Thanks

  2. Good day,
    I’m an international student in Prague and I want to apply for the divers license as soon as possible
    I need to start because I need it by middle July max
    please help me and reply to me with the info asap

    wareda elmehdawi

  3. Hello
    My name is Koita Massire I’m live in Budapest Hungary and I need chez drive license how to get it??

  4. hi i am in prague since 10th january 2017 on dependant visa for one year so now i want to get driving licence to drive in prague . please tell me the process and all price for it.

  5. My daughter just turned 16 this last weekend and wants to get her driving license. It was awesome to know that the important thing is to have all papers which you need for the driving school prepared before you go there. We will be sure to keep that in mind so that she can get her license as soon as possible!

  6. Hi, Im an EU citizen living in the Czech Republic a year and a half, but my certificate of temporary residence was issued on November. I took the classes and passed the exam but the people from the office where they give the licenses whant me to wait until July!!! Is there any paper I can show o ask for in order to make this faster?

    Thank you!

  7. Has anybody heard of this sites claims to provide legit permits are they fraud

  8. Hello dear im a danish student in prague for 5 years and im planning to have driving license in Czech soon . I wasn’t sure if confirmation from study office in my university will be sufficient proof that I’ve been in the country for more than 6 month or I have to provide in addition to that certificate of residence from immigration office . .. I really need clear answer about that

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