Domeq: 7 Benefits of Living in a Business Park

Let’s be honest, living in a business park seems annoying at first. But what if we give you a few reasons to change your mind?!

Domeq accommodation house is located right in the Ponávka business park in Brno. Living in the CTP park brings many additional benefits:

1. The first piece of advantage, a Lidl 5 minutes walking distance to pick up your groceries on your way to/from work! No need to take the car or use public transport!

2. Lazy to cook? Find Gourmet restaurant for your lunch menu!

3. For your shopping or on rainy days, Vaňkovka shopping mall is only 10 minutes walk. It’s the favorite shopping centre by Brno people, be careful, though, it’s always full on Saturdays! Fashion, food, sport, jewelry, cosmetics… Everything can be found there! Vaňkova also hosts a festival with free musical and stand-up comedy performances during summer!

4. How to talk about Brno without considering cycle routes? The famous cycling route between Brno and Vienna goes through the CTP park and its surroundings along Svratka river. If you want to enjoy long summer days with your bike, you can download the PDF maps here.

5. The best coffee place in Brno is Industra coffee and guess what? It’s also located in the CTP park surroundings! They serve the best coffee in town with many events, coffee courses, and a nice and industrial design.

The best café in Brno is just a stone thrown away from the CTP park!

6. The CTP park proves that living in a business park doesn’t mean being surrounded by buildings and offices center only! Around Domeq, there are many green areas to picnic with your friends by the small stream of Ponávka river.

7. Last but not least: the stunning view of Brno downtown!

Would you enjoy all of this? Book your accommodation in Domeq, no matter how long you will stay in Brno!

Author: Camille Springaux

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