Day 20 of Advent: Golden Pig

Adherence to traditions belongs to Christmas. With them, the holidays gain their charm. Perhaps every Czech knows the Christmas custom of the apparition of the Golden Pig. The origins of this tradition date back to ancient pagan times. The pig is a sign of abundance, a symbol of the sun and also the winter solstice.

All those who honestly fasted all day should see the Golden Pig on the wall on Christmas Eve as a reward.


Golden Pig - a sign of the good and luck
Golden Pig – a sign of the good and luck

What Does the Golden Pig Symbolize?

The origin of this symbol of Christmas has been shown back to pre-Christian times when pagans celebrated the winter solstice instead of this Christmas. Typical symbols of the solar cult included a pig, which people connected with abundance and prosperity. The golden colour is a symbol of the departure of winter and the rule of the Sun. Only those who fasted all day long can view the Golden Pig on Christmas Eve. The pig usually appears with the first star in the sky, when the family is also to sit down for Christmas dinner.

Before dinner, parents usually show children a piggy bank using reflections of light from a mirror. The Golden Pig is a Christmas classic, even in the form of Christmas decorations. The Golden Pig is simply a Czech Christmas superstition. It is mostly children who try to not eat anything all day long and wait impatiently for that moment when they finally see the Golden Pig. On the other hand, adults usually give up the attempts and enjoy eating Christmas cookies, which means no golden pig for them! 🙂

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