Coronavirus in Czechia: State of Emergency to Expire on February 14

The Chamber of Deputies rejected the proposal for another extension of the state of emergency, which means that the state of emergency will expire on February 14. According to opposition parties, the government has failed to establish any sensible solutions to stop the pandemic, including a law on the basis of which the measures would be introduced without the state of emergency. Now the government has to decide how to proceed after the state of emergency ends.

End of the State of Emergency

The state of emergency will expire on February 14 after the Chamber of Deputies rejected its further extension. Because of that, the restrictions that are related to the state of emergency will be no longer enforceable

This includes, for example:

  • Night curfew,
  • Restrictions on retail and services,
  • Ban on entering indoor and outdoor sports venues,
  • Prohibition of drinking alcohol in public spaces,
  • Ban on gatherings of people (members of different households).




While these restrictions will expire with the state of emergency, some restrictions could be introduced at least regionally in places most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Since releasing some restrictions is still only hypothetical, this will be decided later. Those restrictions would be:

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There are also some restrictions that could remain in effect even without the state of emergency, among them, for example:

  • Prohibition of contact between groups of people suspected of being infected and other people – in particular restrictions on travel from certain areas and restrictions on traffic between certain areas,
  • Prohibition of festivities, theater and film performances, sports and other gatherings and markets,
  • Closure of day or inpatient medical facilities,
  • Closure of social services facilities,
  • School closures,
  • Closure of accommodation facilities and restaurants or restrictions on their operation,
  • Prohibition or regulation of other specific activities,
  • Wearing face masks or respirators.

Given this development and the dire epidemiological situation in the country, many Regional governors urge Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to propose another state of emergency. Some Regional governors have considered introducing the so-called “state of danger”, which would allow them to introduce some restrictions in their Regions independently of the Chamber of Deputies’ ruling.

People wearing face masks
Wearing face masks is one of the countermeasures that can remain in effect even without the state of emergency.

Three Districts under Quarantine

As of February 12, the government has also restricted movement in the districts of Cheb, Sokolov, and Trutnov due to the spread of coronavirus. People who live there will not be able to leave the districts (with some exceptions), others will not be able to arrive there. This restriction on travelling to and from these districts will end with the state of emergency on February 14. While this means that it will apply only for a very brief period of time, it is necessary to add that the government decided on this back when it still expected another extension of the state of emergency to be approved.




On the other hand, Germany has decided to close the borders with the Czech Republic shut. Even many cross-border workers will now have a problem getting there due to the strict lockdown. This restriction on travelling will come into effect this Sunday, February 14.

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