Coronavirus in Czechia: Foreign Partners of Czech and EU Citizens May Enter the Country

As of September 21, foreign partners of Czech or EU citizens can enter the Czech Republic even if the couple is still unmarried, as announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This had been previously possible only under strict conditions. This eventually changed to make family reunification easier.

The reunification of Unmarried Couples

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently announced that foreign partners of Czech or EU citizens with a temporary residence permit will be allowed to enter the Czech Republic on visa-free travel, based on a certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is, as mentioned previously, applies to unmarried couples, however, it is only possible if the foreign partner:

  • Does not need a visa for a short-term stay of up to 90 days; 
  • Or is a holder of a previously issued Schengen visa.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states on its website, issuing of Schengen visas remains restricted by all states of the Schengen area. The resumption of their full issuance is not yet possible as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must comply with the regulations put in place by the Ministry of Health.

It is also important to keep in mind that these expats must be in a long-term relationship with their partner, live in a shared household with them and they must be able to prove this.

As for the foreign partners of Czech or EU citizens who need a visa to enter the Czech Republic, they can only be reunified with their partners if they have a child or children together.

Foreign partners of Czech or EU citizens can now enter the country.

How to Proceed

The procedure of reunification depends mostly on whether the expat’s partner is a Czech or EU citizen. The first step is, however, the same for everyone: it is necessary for the expat’s partner to fill in the official affidavit which is only available in Czech. 

Then they also have to produce proof of a lasting long-term partnership as well as proof of living in a common household

As proof they can use the following documents:

  • Birth certificate(s) of their child or children;
  • Proof of registered partnership;
  • Joint account statement; 
  • Joint lease agreement; 
  • Proof of common address; 
  • Tickets from trips on joint holidays and from mutual visits;
  • Or other documents proving their lasting long-term relationship.

They must not send any documents related to the present or future, such as:

  • Newly concluded lease agreements or confirmation of accommodation
  • Documents on joint trips or visits from recent weeks; 
  • Newly issued proof of reservation of the wedding date, etc.




The only major difference here is that partners of EU citizens with temporary residence in the Czech Republic also have to produce the certificate of temporary residence in the Czech Republic. If the person doesn’t have the certificate, the reunification is not possible.

All these documents then have to be sent to Keep also in mind that the target group are couples in a lasting relationship separated by a coronavirus pandemic.

People then just have to wait for an answer from the office. Persons who can prove their partnership may receive the answer with the document they need within one week. Once they receive the document, they have to submit it during the passport control

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Before their arrival, the foreigner must register at the regional hygienic station according to the place of residence. After arrival, it is necessary for the foreigner to comply with the quarantine measures as written in the affidavit and get tested for COVID-19

Let us know and get your residence permit as soon as possible to be safe in the future in case the pandemic indeed returns in full force. Having a residence permit is the best way of making sure you’ll be able to return to the Czech Republic even if the borders are closed again.

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Source of the information: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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6 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Czechia: Foreign Partners of Czech and EU Citizens May Enter the Country

  1. Hello,
    May I ask you if this law also works for non-CZ and non-EU, but foreigners having long-term residence and work permit in CZ?

    1. Hi Giorgi,

      good question! On the Ministry of the Foreign Affair’s website, it is stated that this applies to foreigners with a temporary residence permit. Logic, of course, dictates, that it should be possible for people such as yourself as well, but you’d probably have to get in touch with the Ministry’s employees to find out.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hello, I am a permanent holder in Czech Republic and also I have a 13 years old daughter of Czech nationality from my earlier relationship. Now am divorced and and also have gotten married to foreigner from a 3rd world country my question now is I intend bringing my wife over to the Czech Republic now my question now is what are the process involved bringing her to the Czech Republic.

    1. Hi Gary,

      I recommend you send an email to – my colleague would be able to connect you with our immigration experts who handle these things and would be able to answer you.

      Kind regards,


  3. Hello, I’d like to ask you. What if my partner is living in USA and we don’t have joint banking account yet and joint apartment lease, but we are in relationships more than one year and a half? What proofs I should send them and how to arrange it? On foreign police they told me that to do so, the partner has to be here and first have those things done with you and then apply for this type of permit. So basically he can’t come here… Thank you

    1. Hi Slava,

      Unfortunately, this question is quite difficult to answer, however, our immigration consultants deal with these things quite often, so they’ll be surely able to help you with this. You can get in touch with them via or schedule a consultation.

      Kind regards,


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