Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions

Every year we all set our hopes high, eager to become better, fitter and richer selves 🙂 Millions of New Year’s resolutions will be made together with the first glimpses of fireworks at midnight on December, 31. However, those millions of resolutions can be generalised and brought to a broad list of the most common ones. And statistically, most of New Year’s resolutions will be broken within first weeks in January. Anyway, let’s drop the pessimistic attitude and take a look at the most common (and commonly broken) New Year’s resolutions.

 Commonly broken new years resolutions. Get fit, stay fit, exercise, sports, gym membership

Get Fit & Lose Weight

No surprise, that after plentiful Christmas dinner and New Year’s countless drinks, our bodies are craving revenge. Each January, fitness clubs are pumped with dedicated newbies, however, luckily for gym rats, their enthusiasm doesn’t last very long. According to most recent research, 60% of gym memberships are unused and gym attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February.

Commonly broken new years resolutions. Eat healthy, diet.

Eat Healthier

This resolution comes hand in hand with the first one. After Christmas and New Year’s feasts, we promise ourselves to swap fast food for salad leaves and protein shakes. January is generally the month of detox, when everyone is doing their best to lose extra kilos gained during holiday season. However, what sounds fabulous on January, 2nd doesn’t sound as exciting after two weeks of consuming steamed fish with vegetables (yep, no sugar, no buns).

Quit Smoking, Drink Less

People are obsessed with healthy lifestyle nowadays, aren’t they? 🙂 And again a week long of festivities is the one to blame. Even if you aren’t a heavy smoker, a cigarette usually accompanies a few drinks you’ve had at the New Year’s party. However, the statistics has been really disappointing again: only 15% of people manage to stay cigarette-free six months later.

Commonly broken new years resolutions. Quit smoking, drink less.

Good Deeds

On the 1st of January, we picture ourselves being super heroes and saving the world from all the evil there is. This includes lending a helping hand to those in need, volunteering, feeding the homeless and carrying shopping for the old lady next door. Ironically enough, we fail to do good to ourselves (see previous resolutions like Quit smoking, Get fit etc.), so needless to say our intention of distributing good around us doesn’t tend to last very long.

Commonly broken new years resolutions. Spend less, save money.

Spend Less, Save Money

A solid first step to achieve this resolution is to quit spending money on cigarettes and booze 🙂 Treat yourself with no more than one dinner out a week, bring home-made lunches to work most days and avoid spontaneous shopping. While clicking through your favorite online shopping website, stay strong and repeat, “I will save money this year, I will save money this year.”

Commonly broken new years resolutions. Less stress, relax.

No Stress

It’s been scientifically proven, that less stress can make you a happier and healthier individual. So in the coming year, you’ll drink soothing teas, do yoga and try to quit worrying about all the “what ifs”. Yet your train of thoughts is very likely to go back on the usual track, and soon enough you’ll find yourself being overwhelmed and carried away by your current life circumstances.

More Family Time

It’s true, this days we’re all extremely busy. It’s hard to find time for anything in our tight working schedule. But it feels so good to think, that in the coming year you’ll reconnect with all the distant relatives, visit your parents more often and spend all your free time with your significant other. Well, reality kicks in soon enough to realize this promise is very hard to keep, no matter what.

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