Second Hand Shopping in Prague

Many newcomers to Prague don’t know how long they’ll be staying. This makes shopping for furniture and clothes difficult. However Prague has a lot of second hand shopping options, and even places where you can easily sell everything once you move!

Second Hand Stores:

There are small Czech second hand clothes stores scattered all over Prague, but there is also an English speaker friendly store: Prague Thrift Store. They have discounts for students and sell more than just clothes!

During the warmer seasons you can also run into flea markets in Prague 2 (UPDATED on October 27: the link was removed – page not found): near I.P. Pavlova, Namesti Miru and Jiriho s Podebrad. These locations also host farmers markets when it’s warm.

There is also a year-round market in Prague 9 where you can buy a spot and sell whatever you wish. It is the most popular on weekends and it’s the biggest flea market in Europe!

 60% Discount at Prague Thrift Store


There are a lot of groups on Facebook for expats to meet, go to events together and also to buy and sell things!

Prague Buy Sell Trade is one of the biggest groups, and I personally have great experiences using it. You can buy and sell anything – just be careful for the jokers who like to post sarcastic comments and start some drama. There are many different links:

– is another group that is not just for selling but for asking questions about whatever you like. There are also specific groups for buying jewelry, clothes and arts and crafts!


Websites:, Prague.TV and are also an option. You can sell and buy things for free, or pay extra to get a premium listing!

Moving to the Czech Republic doesn’t have to be expensive if you are resourceful!