How Much Does it Cost?

How much do the Czechs earn?

Let’s take a look at Czech wallets and purses. The official average salary for Czechs is about 27’000 CZK per month (around 1000€). That might give you an idea of how low-cost Czech Republic is compared to e.g. Germany, our closest neighbour, with the average salary about 3’500€.

How much is it?

Numbeo is a useful website which can give you an accurate idea of how much goods cost when compared to those of other countries. You enter the Czech city you think about relocating to and then you choose your hometown or a city you can relate to the most. Smart software compares the prices of all sorts of things you might need to know. Now you see how cheap the beer is! You can also check out our database of apartments for rent so that you can get an idea about real estate prices.

How do I get by with my salary?

Let’s say you work for an international company and get paid a decent salary of 25’000-30’000 CZK (around 900-1’100€) every month. Average monthly apartment rent can be up to 15’000 CZK (550€). which still leaves you with 10’000-15’000 CZK to spend on everyday expenses, like groceries, clothing and entertainment. If your whole family has relocated to Czech Republic, you can expect your spouse to earn a similar amount of money each month. Sharing an apartment as a couple definitely pays off in terms of living costs reduction.

Living on a student budget?

Students always look for ways to save money. How about saving in Czech Republic? Mostly, students save on accommodation. Besides living in the student dorms, it is perfectly normal and completely safe to share apartments (and even rooms) cutting down the rent and utility bills. It is not an exception that sharing an apartment often comes out as a cheaper or comparable price option than the student dorms!

It is also cheaper to cook at home rather than eat out on a daily basis. The majority of the students living a decent student life spend about 6’000 – 8’000 CZK per month (220€-300€) excluding living costs, including groceries and fun.

What about scholarships?

Education in Czech state universities is FREE, if you are going to study in Czech language. If you prefer to study in English, Czech programmes are still way cheaper compared to other EU countries. And what’s more important, the quality of education is great! Did you know that Charles University is among the top universities in the world? We even started a whole new project to let everyone around the world know that Czech Republic is THE place to study! Here are some useful links for more information:

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