90 days of summer in Brno

The sun is rising high above your head and this is time for you to take some leisure time to enjoy the warm weather after a long week of work/study. However you are not sure what to do. Well, this is not an issue since we collected the best thing to do in Brno during summertime!


Literature If you enjoy or would like to discover literature, make sure to visit the Festival “Author’s Reading Month” from July 1st to August 4th. There are two paths for this festival: one is exploring the Czech literature and the other one is exploring the literature of a foreign country. Different authors will be introduced to the public every day. Projections, exhibitions and concerts will also be organized during the Festival.   Open Air Screenings The warm weather is perfect for watching movies outside! In Brno we are quite spoiled in this area because several locations are screening movies! You can head to the Špilberk Castle, from July 1st to September 9th to catch a movie. There are in original version with Czech subtitles. You can get refreshments on the spot and bring your blanket in case it’s a bit chilly. In case you are wondering, the films will be American, British, Czech, French or German.   You might also want to go to the courtyard of the Governor’s Palace, where the Kino Scala is screening movies from July 2nd to September 3rd.  Some of them will be in English or with English subtitles (you need to check the program to find out). The program looks rather nice with popular movies directed by Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, the Coen Brothers or Woody Allen.   There is a third location where you can go which is the Zahrádka PAVILLON. They will be screening movies in original version with Czech subtitles from July 7th to July 30th. In case the weather is not great, the garden will be roofed and heated and blankets will be provided! Sounds nice uh? You can book your spot: info@runaway-bar.cz


Cycling In case you want to get active, you can rent a bike through Rekola. They have an app that you can download on their website, which will tell you where the closest bike to borrow is. You will get a code to unlock it. When you are done using it, you can leave it wherever you want. There is no limitation time to use it. They are repaired every two days so they should be in good shape! If you would like to go for some adventure, know that the main Brno cycling routes lead along the Svartka and Svitava rivers!

Jungle Park
Jungle Park

Jungle Park Ropes Course Would you like to go in the jungle? The Jungle park, which is located in the heart of Brno, offers different climbing routes according to your need! There are also other attractions such as the powerfan, trampoline, poweriser or unicycle. The park is designed for children, young adults or adults, so everyone can have fun there! You can even bring your dog!   Brno Dam Also known as the Brno Reservoir, this is an ideal place for leisure activities during summertime. There, you can swim, surf or go on a sightseeing cruise! There are beaches and sport fields too. You can also rent a boat or a pedal boats. If you have thirsty or hungry, there are some nice pubs too.   Zoo Animal lovers, the zoo is a great place to go! You can bring along your dog to see animals from every continent (not Antartica though). The names of the animals are provided in Czech, German and English.

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  1. It’s time to enjoy the summer. Thanks for sharing some of the best ways to enjoy with friends and family.

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    1. Hello Ronecia,

      Thank you for you question! Due to the recent situation, it’s still unclear whether camps are going to be held in 2020.

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