Very busy week: Stand up comedy + Ladies night out + Volleyball Tournament

My last week has been busier than I thought!

English stand-up comedy

First, on June 12th, I attended the Grand Opening English stand-up comedy at Metro Music & Bar. This show, produced by Dominik Ozdian, is already very popular in Prague. Indeed, according to what I heard, the Prague audience was really receptive to  comedians jokes. This show that provoke more and more interest among the Expats community, was amazing!

Nat’ Luurtsema, Johnny Kats and Jason Paterson were performing. The three comedians found here in Brno their audience.

Personally, I was really excited about attending a show like this, particularly here in Brno. Before attending the show, I was kind afraid of the British humor, that is as we know really particular!

But at the end, I think I never laughed that much! I learned a lot of things that night. I learned something about the «French piss” (like I said, don’t ask me I don’t know what they are talking about!). at Panopikum Beer restaurant for lunch

Then on Friday, the (almost) entire was in Brno and the girls, had a “Ladies night out”!

It was so much fun! It is interesting to see how girls interact with each other.

We went shopping all together and then did our Makeup and Hair at the office.

The  girls are full of energy, they like partying and are very nice.

We went to Savoy Café, where we enjoy a salsa night and a bottle of Champagne Rosé.

On Saturday, we had a volleyball tournament that we were promoting since weeks now. We invited our clients, partners, families, friends… Since there were not that much people that signed up on the Facebook event, we definitely didn’t that so many people would come! More than 30 people I think.

It was really fun! And we were lucky because we had an amazing sun all day!

Volleyball tournament at International School of Brno had two teams one from Prague and the other from Brno. Unfortunately both teams were not that successful during the tournament. But good news! During the game ladies (5 ladies) against boys (6 men), ladies were better than men!  Indeed, they won!

I did really enjoy this last week! It was fun to finally meet the other member of and to realize that working together doesn’t mean that we cannot be friends and enjoy spending time together. Last week, they showed me that they were more than colleague or friends; they were also a family. new T-shirt!

We received positive feedbacks about the Volleyball tournament and I hope it will be as successful next year.

If you want to see pictures of the Volleyball tournament be fan of our Facebook page to be informed when they will be posted.

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