Top Off Your Opencard

If you use Prague’s multipurpose OpenCard, you might need to add more credit to it from time to time.  Unfortunately, the website is only in Czech, so I have prepared this step-by-step guide to help you top off your card.

Step One Screenshot
On the first screen, you will need to click “Nákup můžete zahájit zde.” (“Purchases can start here.”)
Step Two Screenshot
Next, you will be led to a screen that explains the payment options. Scroll down.
Step Three Screenshot
Here, you will select your method of payment. Select “platební karta” to pay with a credit or debit card.
Step Four Screenshot
Next, you must enter your Opencard number and agree with the terms.
Step Five Screenshot
Now select the date you wish for your coupon to become effective. Click “pokračovat” to continue.
Step Six Screenshot
Now you will choose between four options: 5 month, monthly, annual and quarterly
Step Seven Screenshot
Review your order and confirm that it is correct.
Step Eight Screenshot
After typing in a security code, you will be taken to another screen where you will press “zaplatit” to pay.
Step Nine Screenshot
Now enter your payment card information, and confirm your order

One thought on “Top Off Your Opencard

  1. You may want to update your instructions as there is an additional screen where you order driving coupons – whatever those are. It won’t let you get past that screen without ordering them. Also, it wouldn’t let me pay with a debit card – only a credit card. You may also want to include the website address – in case others haven’t visited the DPP website before.

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