The Declaration of Accommodation: A Flexible Solution for Expats

Let’s assume you landed the job of your dreams in the Czech Republic. You’ll be employed as a logistics junior analyst working at a local branch of an international corporation which outsourced its staff in central Europe.

Although several firms of this size usually offer accommodation for their ‘rookies’ during the first months of employment, yours doesn’t provide this type of benefit. You start looking by yourself for a room to rent but turns out the best solution would be searching for a flat when arrived in the country.

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Among the documents required to set foot in the Czech Republic, the Proof of Accommodation is among the most important ones. The address declared will be listed in the Czech property register, allowing you to live in the rented property as accorded by law.

These 2 circumstances inevitably clash: how can you lease a property prior to your arrival if the  Czech Ministry of the Interior requires the Proof of Accommodation in advance?

No worries, we have the solution. The Declaration of Accommodation, also known as DOA, is what covers your back!

The document will allow you to stay 30 days in the country while searching for a long-term accommodation, giving you an actual change to venture the city where you’re based in order to find the best domicile. The address mentioned in the DOA is for legal purposes only, you’re not required to live there physically.

Not only the Declaration provides you the flexibility you were looking for, it also grants you the possibility of applying for a long-term visa and academic nostrification, in case you’d decide to continue your studies in Czechia.

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This is a service Foreigners delivers in Brno, Prague, Pilsen, Hradec Králové, Olomouc, Ostrava, and recently Bratislava (Slovakia).

What are you waiting for? A life full of possibilities awaits you in this marvelous country!


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