Summer Camps: How to “Get Rid” of Your Kids When Going on Holidays

The summer is coming, we can all feel it. Is finally time to say: goodbye gloomy rainy days when getting wet at the tram stop like monkeys of the Malaysan Rainforest was the daily brunt to bear. With the good season approaching, holidays become part of our everyday discussions with friends and colleagues.

“Where are you planning to go this summer, Jakub? To Bohemia, as you did last year?”

“Oh, not this time Alička, we just booked a room at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. You know, you have to keep an eye on the wallet during these days…” 😀

“Ah…right…and what about your children? Are they coming with you?”

“Not really, we just found a great summer camp where we’ll leave them for the week we’ll be gone.”

We believe Jakub has taken the right choice, no one wants to have cherubs around when talking about more adventurous holidays or time-consuming vacations to far-away destinations. Thus, a one-week summer camp is the perfect solution to answer the same old question: “Where can I leave my beloved descendants?”.

Here you can find a brief list of summer camps and one nursery where your children can enjoy a variety of activities available in the English language at affordable prices.

Most of the camps provide activities starting from the beginning of July until the very end of August and guarantee their services for kids belonging to diverse age groups depending on the types of services delivered.

Modré nebe (UPDATED on December 2: the link was removed – website not found) -meaning Blue Sky – is an international nursery based in Prague 1 where you can leave your babies for a few days. The facility cannot host more than 10 infants at a time and offers programmes in Czech, English, and French. The professionals working here support every child in finding his/her own talents, fostering the growth of creative personalities and language skills. With a background of more than 20 years experience in the field, the mission of Blue Sky is to provide and develop educational and cultural activities of high quality.

Goldlife Summer Overnight Camps in the Czech Mountains offer fantastic trips to Koronov, in the very north of the Czech Republic. The week’s daily program is filled with outdoor sports activities including rock climbing, high and low rope courses, rafting, canoeing, biking, swimming, and orienteering. Sport is accompanied by treasure hunt, scouting, and games around the evening log fire.

If your children are more into a competition, you might be interested in sending ’em to the Czech International Hockey Camp.
The camp has two facilities, one based in Nymburk and the other in Benatky nad Jizerou, respectively at 40 and 30 km from Prague.
Intensive on and off ice training is offered, as well as highly trained and experienced Czech and international coaches. Trainers make sure that all pieces of training are as diverse and multifaceted as possible so that there’s never a dull moment in any of the practices.

Summer Fun@PBS provides a safe, fun and active environment where children can develop their capabilities, self-esteem, and friendships. Joining Summer Fun@PBS will give a great chance to your children to meet new friends within an international environment in which English will be spoken on a daily basis. You can sign up your child for individual days, a full week, or even the full 2 weeks if you wish.

Eurocamp offers 11 days of intensive camp programmes through July and August in the proximity of the Lužnice River – Southern Bohemia. Activities include hiking, football, volleyball, canoeing, ping pong, and many more. The week is supervised by English-speaking camp leaders trained to deal with a large mix of children from around the world, including Italy, Germany, USA, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Korea, Japan, and the Czech Republic. With such a melting pot of nationalities, your kids will have a real change to improve their language capabilities and attitudinal skills.


We hope we’ve provided you with useful information and links, let us know how you’re planning to spend your summertime, with or without your children. 😉

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