Student Agency and public transport in Czech Republic

How can you travel across Europe with reasonable prices? Several choices are available: by train, bus, rental car. Traveling on planes is quite expensive even if some companies help to find the best deals. That’s why it’s a good idea to discover Student Agency and other modes to travel around this continent.

Student Agency

This Czech travel agency offers several services: plane tickets sale, bus travel, and also “au pair” programs.

About the buses, the company uses many lines linking Prague to Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, Liberec, Hradec Kralove but also international lines. So, you can go to Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Roma, Zurich, Paris, London and so many other destinations. In spite of its name, this agency is not only available for students!

How to book a Student Agency ticket on Internet ?

You will need to give several informations :

  • Wished date of departure
  • Wished city of departure and arrival
  • Name and date of birth of each passenger
  • Available phone number
  • E-mail address

You should pay just once booking is approved by Student Agency. You will have two means of payment:

  • By Paypal on the website
  • There is a partnership with one of biggest banks in Europe : OTP Bank

One the payment is done; you will receive your e-ticket by e-mail.

Some discounts are up to -15%  which are offered for those who are under 26 years old, students, and +60 years old.

Let me talk about comfort during the travel now. On every Student Agency lines, the customer is always right. You will be able to watch movies, have some hot drinks for free, sodas and others fresh drinks for reasonable prices, you will have your own radio player, free newspaper and magazines, everything assisted by nice and helpful hostess. Oh I forgot the main thing:  WC and air-conditioning are included.

Inside a Student Agency bus

You can also purchase plane tickets through the student agency website.

Other main bus agencies

From Prague and other cities of Czech Republic, it’s the best public transport to travel in a big part of Europe.

Eurolines offers more than 1500 destinations across 30 countries! That’s why the agency is the first road network with regular connections. Like most of public transport, sooner your travel is booked, the price will be more competitive.

Eurolines proposes some discounts all-year, preferential prices on return tickets and also discounts for groups.

Connections are very good in Czech Republic – It is fast and more convenient compared to other European countries. Generally, bus stations are nearby train station and/or city center.

Links between biggest cities are carried out several times per day, and you get to smaller cities easily thanks to daily connections. Hundred agencies carry out public transport all over Czech Republic.

How to travel by train

Every train lines in Czech Republic are chartered by Czech Railways (Ceske Drahy). In Prague, there are 2 main train stations for International travels: be careful about which station when you are booking your ticket.

Even if the price is more expensive than bus, it’s faster and more comfortable.

If I had to compare with the French TGV, I think the Czech train is more comfortable. Indeed, you can choose to sit down on a box or in an open wagon without taking care of an economic class or business class. Moreover, I have noted that there is more space for your legs, that make me happy because I’m not little. 🙂

Inside Czech train

The fullest website to search, compare and book different travels, for bus or train is Idos or

Otherwise, if you want to travel during quiet period or in the middle of the week, you will always be able to buy some tickets in the station just before leave.

Some ideas about the time and the price to travel in Czech Republic

  • Prague – Brno: Between 2h30 and 3h by train. Average price: 200 CZK
  • Prague – Olomouc: Between 2h and 2h30 by train. Average price: 220 CZK
  • Prague – Pilsen: around 1h by train. Average price: 100 CZK
  • Prague – Ostrava: Between 3h and 3h30 by train. Average price: 300 CZK

Czech Republic

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