Spring has Sprung!

Looking to get outside and start to enjoy this warm weather? Here is a list of some of the best activities and parks in Prague to soak in some sunlight while enjoying a beer (or 2). 1.)Letenské sady: More often referred to as Letna Park, this park is one of the most famous in Prague. Located right near the river, Letna Park is a short walk up some stairs on Letna Hill. The park is not only known for its kilometers of trails and vast amount of grassy space to lay out, but also for it’s beer garden. Grab a to-go beer at the beer garden and talk a walk. As you pass by the skate park, don’t forget to take in the amazing view of the Vltava River and Prague.

A beautiful view from Letna Park

2.) Riegrovy Sady: I discovered this park while on a run early this semester and have grown to love it. Though this park is not as flat as Letna Park, it offers a wide variety of activities. The beer garden is of course a large attraction to this park, but I also have grown to appreciate the dirt track situated right in the middle of the park. Though the track is occasionally closed for previously booked activities, it provides a flat place to run when open. One of my favorite parts of Riegrovy Sady is sitting on the grassy hill and watching the sunset. No matter the day, you will come across groups gathered to enjoy the end of the day with a to-go beer from the beer garden.

Sunset at Riegrovy Sady

3.) Divorká Šárka: Located farther outside of the city, Divorka Sarka is one of the largest parks in Prague. This park offers a public reservoir for people to swim in as well as a pool. This park also offers dining options (mainly food stands though has one restaurant) and has a more forest-like feel than the other parks mentioned earlier. 4.) Park Ladronka: Throw on your running shoes or rollerblades for this park! Geared more towards fitness than enjoying a sunny day, this park offers freshly paved paths for skating, running, rollerblading, and many more activities. Don’t have rollerskates? No worries. At Park Ladronka you can rent rollerskates as well as pay to participate in some beach volleyball.

Image by Irena Schlosserova


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