Singing Is Not Just for the Shower Anymore. Join us for Karaoke Night at Domeq!

EVERYBODY knows that karaoke is a great form of entertainment, loved by many. It allows you to sit back, listen to good music, sing your hearts out, and best of all, spend time with really fun party people!

And that’s why (our company) Foreigners has decided to hold karaoke evenings at Domeq in Brno in cooperation with My Kitchen bistro and their event coordinator Aaron from Cocoa Beach Florida.

“At karaoke events, you meet all kinds of extraordinary people and you get to listen to good music (granted not everyone is a natural born singer but it’s the effort that counts). Of course, some people are pretty damn good and others simply think they are good, which is hilarious,” says Aaron the event MC.
Karaoke gives a great opportunity to spend a fun night with cheerful people.
As he states, karaoke events are some of the best parties to join. “There is just something special about when ordinary people let their guard down and go in front of strangers to pour their hearts out,”  he describes. “Some people are shy but after a drink or two, they sometimes will shock the crowd with their awesomeness!  Some people need to be pushed and coerced, but can easily join in a group song to help them overcome their anxieties. And some individuals just like to sit back and watch the interpretation of others as they cover their favorite songs.”

Said all at once, karaoke is an activity that brings people together, keeps the guests talking, and is a great ice-breaking tool which helps create new relationships. The charged atmosphere surely will brighten up EVERYONE’S night!  Imagine the entire room singing along – it feels almost like a rock concert in itself!

The first karaoke at Domeq is approaching soon – on Wednesday, April 18th. Join us and become a rock star for the night. And if you don’t feel you have the nerve to sing front and center… sing along from your seat or the dance floor. With the powerful sound system and mixing board with special effects,  your normal voice can be turned into something SPECTACULAR!

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