Sabina Jelínková – Brno Sales Director

Sabina Jelínková
Sabina Jelínková

What do you do at

I was on agent position for year and half and now I am the Sales Director.

When did you start working at the agency? How do you remember your first days?

I started working at in March 2013. And it was my very first full time job. And it was really overwhelming. I used to travel a lot as a student and I didn’t know what it really means to settle down with a job and to accept some sort of responsibility. It was all new to me. 🙂 I was very bad at organizing my time. And all the people who I worked with spoke English and some only English, of course. And at the beginning I felt really nervous and all my confidence about my language skills was shook. 🙂 But I have really great memory of my colleague who guided me through this and of my first clients with whom I made great connections.

What part of your job is your favourite?

What I love about my job the most is that it is shapeless. It is not only about the service or product but it is about how you deliver it. And I am really grateful that I can give more to people than just a place to live or speed Internet connection 😉 I can teach them and often they also teach me. This job connects people and all the people I met through this work taught me something important and, you know, it is also because them that I am who I am 🙂

And the least favourite?

Well, that my working hours often stretches to the evenings and weekends. Sometimes I have to cancel on meetings with friends or concerts just because there is no other way and it is also difficult to plan something 🙂 But still I wouldn’t change!

What did you actually want to become when you were a child?

Hmmm, traveller 😀 But there was no such position opened 😀

Where are you from? Have you ever lived outside the Czech Republic?

I am from very tiny village in North East Bohemia. And soon I realized that I need more space and people. So I moved to the bigger city, than bigger city and I even moved several times abroad 🙂 And now Brno feels just right 😉

What is your favourite country? Why?

I discovered that it is not about the country you live but about the right people you are surrounded! And I have those people here :)) However, the place which I really loved was Bangkok! I so much enjoyed the diversity, chaos and contrasts. In people, in culture, in music and in the nature the most 🙂

What is your favourite spot in Brno?

It is the view from my apartment 😉 And then everywhere where they have good coffee and cheesecake 😉

Can you share a funny story from your workplace?

Once one of the vet students contacted us if there is any chance we could take care of her turtle while she goes home for summer holidays 🙂 And because we love pets, we said yes and the turtle stayed with us for two months. However, the person hadn’t passed her exams so she never came back to Czech Republic. And the aquarium with the turtle was still in our office without any chance that the owner would come to pick it up. And the story leads to another story: we were just returning from successful flat visit to sign the documents back in the office. So we sat at the table and we laughed at the turtle (always nice ice break) stretching its neck high in order to observe what was going on around. And this girl was just mentioning at the flat visit that she would like to get a pet but she was not sure which pet to get as she didn’t have enough time for a dog or cat or so. So she innocently said I could actually get a turtle and my colleague went “well, than it is your, you can take it home”. 🙂 So as bonus to her new flat agreement, she was the new owner of the turtle as well! 🙂

What do you like to do outside the office?

I like to do things 🙂 And actually I like to do new things. So we organize social events where you can meet new people or sport days, we go for morning yoga with my team together, we share lunches and we try new coffee shops… If there is more time, I love to do some smaller or bigger trips and change the environment completely so I don’t stay in closed bubble but open. 🙂

Is there anything you absolutely cannot live without?

I think, it is the people and the music. Music wakes up my soul, my creativity, inspires me and let me dream 🙂 And then people and relationships give it a real value 🙂

Is there a language that you haven’t learned but you would love to do so?

I would like to dust off my Spanish 🙂