Rent a Brand New BMW on Short-term Lease from November!

Have you heard? November it is. From this month on for half a year, expats in the Czech Republic have a unique option to get a BMW car for 1 to 4 months. With no complicated process. All that, thanks to the exclusive cooperation of and Renocar Brno.

Driving to work in cold weather, visiting friends, traveling around, making necessary errands. If you have been thinking about using a car in Brno during autumn and winter, this is your chance.

BMW 1 Series 5-door

Does collecting documents and filling in forms scare you? You are not the only one who tries to avoid such annoying paperwork. Don’t worry, though. For this rental, there is no need to undergo anything like that, either you are an EU citizen or coming from a non-EU country. It is just as easy as it can be!

The offer is valid from November 2017 to the end of April 2018. The minimum length of the rental is 1 month, the maximum is 4 months. All cars are brand new so you can enjoy the honor of being one of the first drivers!

We already revealed the super-simple conditions for renting a BMW on a short-term lease. If you haven’t read that information, have a look here.

BMW x1

Also, on our blog, you can find the portfolio of BMW cars that you can park by your house for some time. Check it out and pick your favorite racer!

Can’t wait to drive your new four-wheel friend? For more information and setting up an appointment contact Renocar directly:

Ivo Drnovský

Phone number: +420 602 595 213


See you on the road!

Lucie Patkova

Hello, our dear blog readers! Since I am passionate about sharing interesting and important information, it's my pleasure to keep you updated what's going on in the Czech Republic so you feel at home here ;-)

4 thoughts on “Rent a Brand New BMW on Short-term Lease from November!

  1. Its a nice post with some great insights on leasing market in Czech Republic. As business of leasing automobiles is really a booming business now adays. It provides ease to customer and offers them a variety of cars at less price.

  2. That’s a very nice car. I wouldn’t driving such a big and new car at all. I would just be a little afraid that nothing would happen with that rented car. I rented a car here once and fortunately everything went well. But it wasn’t such a luxury car.

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