BMW Short-term Rental: Models & Prices

Would you like to drive a classy BMW car for a few weeks without paying a fortune? Our partner, Renocar Brno, has an attractive offer for expats: short-term lease with minimum paperwork.

BMW 5 Series Sedan

The “trial” project will last from November 2017 to May 2018. Its goal is to make a car rental more accessible for foreigners living in the Czech Republic. That’s why the terms for short-term leasing are very simple. All you need is your driving license, one identification document (identity card/passport), and a work contract for a longer period than the potential lease. Then, you can just choose your dream car!

Renocar Brno offers 3 BMW models – BMW 1, BMW X1, BMW 5 – for lease up to 4 months (1 month is a minimum) with a maximum mileage of 5 500 km.


Interior of BMW 5 Series Sedan

Check out the prices:

  • BMW 1

petrol engine version 116i: 6 969 CZK + VAT with the mileage of 1 375 km -> 232 CZK/day

  • BMW X1

petrol engine version 18i: 8 999 CZK + VAT with the mileage of 1 375 km/month -> 299 CZK/day

diesel engine version 18d: 9 799 CZK + VAT with the mileage of 1 375 km/month -> 326 CZK/day

  • BMW 5

diesel engine version 520d: 17 500 CZK + VAT with the mileage of 1 375 km/month -> 583 CZK/day


The lease price depends on the mileage, i.e. the tariff is calculated for a month or the mileage rate (km). An aliquot sum will be added to the price if the mileage is higher than the set limit of 1 375 km/month. For example, if you drive a BMW X1 18i model (8 999 CZK/month) for 2 375 km in a month (1 000 km more than the assumed mileage) you will pay 8 999 CZK + 6 545 CZK (counted as a price for 1 km multiplied by 1 000: 8 999/1 375 * 1 000).


BMW X1 Series

Reasons to go for the short-term lease of a BMW from Renocar Brno:

  • no overwhelming paperwork
  • no need of residence certificate or unlimited work contract
  • payment a month in advance
  • regular car check-ups and maintenance


Picked out your dream car yet? For further details contact Renocar and read our previous article.

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