A Turkish Student Müge: It’s Surprising for Me How Czechs Handle So Much Beer

If you have visited any Foreigners event in Brno at least once, you might’ve seen a cheerful and friendly Turkish girl who is nothing but positive energy and constant smiles. Why does she attend events for expats on a regular basis and what does she do in Brno? Find out below!

Müge in Český Krumlov

Müge, what do you do here?

I’m studying for a master’s degree in Masaryk University. Since I’m interested in human resources, I decided to choose a subject “Public Policy and Human Resources”. Also, I work part-time and get to use my English every day, which is an absolutely delightful thing! I feared I wouldn’t be able to get a part-time position since I don’t speak Czech, but Brno has so many opportunities and eventually it didn’t stop me from finding a job.

Why did you choose the Czech Republic?

I found the programme very interesting and it was a combination of what I studied back in Istanbul. Besides that, I had already visited the Czech Republic a few years ago and I was absolutely smitten by the beauty of this amazing country!

That’s so wonderful to hear! Have you ever lived abroad before moving to Brno?

Yes, I spent three months in the Netherlands. And I must say, I completely fell in love with this country too 🙂


Müge at the Erasmus Student Network MUNI event

What’s your favourite thing about Brno?

I would say that although it’s quite a small city, it somehow manages to have loads of activities. Every day there’s something going on and I appreciate it the most!

Yeah, a lot of people would agree with you! Do you speak Czech?

I wish 🙂 No, but I’m learning. I take Czech courses which will be finished at the end of July. Hopefully by this time I will be able to speak fluently more or less 🙂

A little bit provocative question: what do you think is the weirdest thing about Czechs?

Well. At first they look quite cold, but when you get to socialise with them, they turn out to be pretty warm people! And it’s still very surprising for me how they handle so much beer 🙂 But in a way it’s a good thing, because it sort of breaks the ice between us and they become very friendly.

You’re a frequent visitor at the Foreigners events. To your mind, what’s so special about these events?

The wonderful thing about them is that I have an opportunity to meet people with the same experience of moving to another country as I have. We can chat, share our thoughts about living here and get to know other cultures better. Other than that I love visiting Domeq events. It’s so cosy there and the atmosphere is very warm and friendly!

Müge trying out Czech Christmas traditions at Domeq

I’m so glad to hear that! Now let’s talk more about your country. What do you miss about Turkey?

Food and family, that’s for sure!

Are there any relocation agencies like Foreigners in Turkey?

Yeah, there are some private companies that provide support for expats. And there’s also Yabagee – a news website in English which informs expats about events happening in Istanbul.

That’s cool! A final question: are you planning to stay here in Brno or perhaps move to another country?

Honestly, I don’t know yet. I like living in Brno and if there’s any opportunity to make a career and live a good life – I’ll stay.

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