Public Transportation Pass in Brno Will Be Cheaper. Under What Conditions?

Do you use public transport in Brno? Then you should know that from January 2017 there will be an option to get an annual transportation pass, so called šalinkarta, with a 30 % discount. How does it work?

Brno transport system has prepared changes for 2017.

Brno public transport is part of the South Moravian Integrated Public Transport System (IDS JMK). The basic annual pass for zones 100 and 101 costs 4 750 CZK now. In 2017 the price will decrease to 3 325 CZK.

Not just anybody can buy the pass cheaper, though. The conditions are the same for both Czechs and foreigners:

  • Permanent residence in Brno
  • Waste collection fee payments with no debts
  • Online purchase

To buy the pass online will be possible from January 1st, 2017. First, you register on in an e-shop which is not available yet. Second, you open your virtual account, sign the number of your credit card, and pay the full price (4 750 CZK) for the annual ticket. Third, you complete the request form where you ask the city of Brno for the contribution. The request will be automatically sent to the clerks who will check it and if you meet all the conditions they will send the amount of 1 425 CZK back to your account within 3 months. You won’t have any paper ticket. Your credit card will be your šalinkarta.

Soon, a credit card will be used as an annual transport pass in Brno.

The city of Brno has decided for the discount for several reasons. They would like to motivate people: to use public transport more than cars, to register as a permanent resident or to buy a property in the city, as well as to pay for the waste properly. The aim is also to help establishing the electronic tickets system in Brno.

If you are an expat living in Brno with kids you might be pleased by one more change which is ready to run from next year. Nowadays, children under 6 years old travel in Brno public transport for free. From the beginning of 2017 children younger than 10 years won’t need a transport ticket.

At present, an annual transport pass in Prague (lítačka) costs 3 650 CZK, a paper ticket and an electronical one.



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10 thoughts on “Public Transportation Pass in Brno Will Be Cheaper. Under What Conditions?

  1. Everything sounds good except the part of having my credit card as salinkarta. Not sure I agree with that.

  2. Thanks.

    I’m the one in charge for the whole e-government project where this public transport is only a module.
    In time you’ll see way more services.

  3. Temporary residents that are here for many years, should also be able to benefit from this. I mean we have a rodne cislo after all.

  4. Hi,
    One question please, if someone obtains the permanent residence on April, can we apply for the annual šalinkarta on April and get the discount ?

  5. I think you don’t need permanent residence in Brno..just pay waste collection fee

  6. 2 junio, 2012 Р1:34 Felicitaciones se̱or Arellano por el buen analisis que hace sobre los conflictos que estan dando en nuestro pais, desde una perspectiva independiente, objetiva y veraz, cualidades que muy pocos analistas lo tienen en nuestro pais. Felicitaciones de verdad.

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