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A week ago my Google calendar reminder went off: your opencard expires in August! So the normal procedure would be to go back to the office, where I got my Opencard about 4 years ago and exchange it for a new valid one. However, a couple of months ago Prague city council announced the end of Opencard project. Starting from April, a new transport card – Lítačka – was introduced to Prague citizens.

New Prague transport card Lítačka
New Prague transport card Lítačka

What documents do you need?

I had a quick search online and here’s what I found out. If you wish to exchange your transport card (it has expired, was lost or stolen), make sure you bring:

  • ID card or passport
  • Your opencard or other transport card you would like to exchange (not if it was lost or stolen)
  • 1 photograph (is not needed if your photograph is already in the database)


How to exchange your OpenCard for Lítačka

So one afternoon I headed to the Customer support center at Škodův palác: Jungmannova 35/29, Praha 1. I was prepared to see dozens of people queuing and the whole procedure to be very chaotic. To my deepest surprise, it all went really smooth! I got the number from the machine and didn’t have to wait for more than 1 minute for my turn to come.

Front side of a new transport card Lítačka
Front side of a new transport card Lítačka

When at the counter, I just handed my opencard and ID to the customer support lady. In 2 minutes I got some papers to sign and a new green Lítačka straight away! The whole process couldn’t take more than 5 min, plus I didn’t get charged for the exchange.

Please notice the transport card can be exchanged 3 months before the expiration date and 1 month after. Don’t leave it till last minute. If you have a valid transport pass on your opencard, but the opencard is about to expire, the pass will be uploaded on your new card, so don’t worry about losing it.

Lítačka has exactly the same features as opencard used to have. Get your Lítačka and enjoy travelling around Prague!

Annie Fed

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