Prague Olympic Park

Though the Olympic park has closed for the season, read my experience below and comment about yours! There is a 65,000 square meter park that opened in celebration of the Sochi Olympics. For a 50 kc entrance fee, you can enjoy cheer on the Czech Olympians while watching live Olympic coverage and ice skating with Czechs at the |Olympic Park The park is typically reserved for children during the weekdays, though open to the public on the weekends. The park originated as a fun way for children to get involved in the Olympics through fun athletic activities. Activities to do at the Olympic Park

  • Ice skate
  • Watch the Olympics
  • Other snow activities including sledding for kids
  • Cross country skiing
  • Curling
  • Shop for Olympic attire
  • Meet locals and visitors
This track is a fun way to get around the huge Olympic Park while keeping your ice skates on!

I went to the Olympic Park on February 15th during the Czech Republic vs. Switzerland men’s hockey game. I arrived about an hour before the game started so I had time to enjoy ice skating before the game began. There are large television screens throughout the park, making watching the Olympics easy and fun. I waited in line for about 15 minutes to rent ice skates at the park then ice skated for around 2 hours while watching the exciting Czech hockey game. I also tried my first fried cheese sandwich at the park with a glass of hot wine to keep me warm!

Though ice skating was the most popular activity, there were other snow activities offered at the Olympic Park. If you do not want to do any snow activities, many people stood around to watch the Olympics in large groups, while also socializing. One of my favorite parts about the park was the men and women who were dressed in costumes to entertain the children. Around 20 characters skated around the park providing a laugh to all who were enjoying the park. The Olympic park is not only a great place to watch the Olympics and ice skate, but also a fun way to meet other people. Foreigners and locals stood together to cheer on the Czech team while also talking among each other. Make sure to attend the park before it is closed for the season to enjoy yummy traditional Czech food, snow activities, and a great time! How was your experience at the Olympic Park? Comment with your favorite activity to do at the park!

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