Prague Events in November


Star Trek Concert (Nov 2, 2016) 

tpr-761-94077Star Trek Concert will be a very special night gala in Rudolfinum. Join the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of this phenomenon. You will listen to the famous themes from Star Trek series and movies. Concert includes a special screenings. Program includes music from all series and movies like The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, The Undiscovered Country or very popular First Contact. For more information please visit:


Vertical Films Festival (Nov 3, 2016)

verti2Showcasing films whose portrait format, formerly damned, is gaining more and more fans. During the evening the work of artists from around the world will be presented on unique projection with a height of over 10 meters. Not only short films will be screened, but also music videos and commercials created in portrait format. The event takes place in a deconsecrated church of St. Salvator in the monastery of St. Agnes in Prague. Fore more information please visit:


Whisky Life! Prague (Nov 4-5, 2016)

Whisky-Life-Prague-e1464945355924-890x530The annual Whisky Life! Prague festival offers visitors the chance to taste from over 150 whiskies and bourbons. Price: 470czk-530czk (includes Glencairn whisky glass and a festival brochure). “Drams” are the currency at the event, which you purchase on arrival, and exchange at the stalls for tastings.1 Dram = 30czk. For more information and tickets please visit:

Children’s Planet 2016 (Nov 4-6, 2016)

img-8370 A trade fair for children and their parents. It presents a wide range of toys, games and equipment for children and the majority of the expositions are for sale. There are also varied accompanying programmes for kids. For more information and tickets please visit:


The Prague Quadrennial 2016 / 36Q° (Nov 8-12, 2016)

catalonia_national_2015__8-largeThe Prague Quadrennial launches a brand new project focusing on light and sound design 36Q°. The site-specific exhibition shall light up the unique space of Prague Exhibition Grounds’ lapidary. The exhibition will run parallel with a conference of theater designers at the Czech Museum of Music. More info at:


Hrzánský Palace – Open Day (Nov 17, 2016)

hrazansky4 The Palace is used for receptions by the Prime Minister; it is open to visitors between 10am and 4pm. Admission is free. More info at:


St. Martin’s Wines at the Troja Botanic Garden (Nov 19, 2016)


Come to Troja to celebrate the new wine harvest! The old vintner’s house in the St. Claire’s Vineyard, part of the Troja Botanic Garden, will once again become the site of a festive tasting of this year’s young wines. More information at:


FMX Gladiator Games (Nov 19, 2016)


FMX Gladiator Games, the oldest European freestyle motocross event will celebrate 15 years! More information and tickets at:


Public House (Nov 24, 2016)


The interactive theater-adventure game, an exhibition inspired by the eternal repetition of the unrepeteable moments, experimental electronic and breathtaking performance, all of this and more you can experience at the November Public House. You’ll flow through the space and your senses will be filled with the theater, arts, music and residential artist´s presentations. Free entry!

More information at:

The International Christmas Festival (Nov 27, 2016)


It is organized by the Diplomatic Spouses Association and offers a unique opportunity to buy fabulous gifts from around the world. The Festival will appeal to lovers of good food, wine, spices, you can choose from a wide variety of jewelry, bijouterie, clothing, fashion accessories, electronic devices and art objects. 100 czk entrance ticket may win you a prize in the raffle. For more information please visit:

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