Official presentation of the VISION

A small overview about how we presented our vision of A short training for team members, official presentation of the vision, drinking, Christmas presents among all people, drinking, drinking, transfer to a club, drinking, drinking, drinking, dancing, drinking, dancing and sweet dreams 🙂 Wanna know more or is this short story enough for you? 🙂 8th of December, 2pm: Regular training about “boring” administrative things – news in our information system, news about invoicing etc.

“Boring” administrative things

8th of December, 5pm: Presentation from Petr Ludwig from GrowJOB institute on “How to set some basic rules in the company up”. Very interesting speach and very useful for the next months in Petr trains us how to be more efective so we can provide you, our clients, even better services.

Petr Ludwig from GrowJOB
Petr Ludwig from GrowJOB

8th of December, 6pm: Dinner in Chinese restaurant to prepare our stomach and belly for crazy party….ehm, sorry, for serious introduction of the vision of with polite conversations among others etc. 🙂 8th of December, 7:30pm: Peter, the main coach and project manager of creating the vision, started his story How we started to cooperate and how we decided (and why) to create the vision.

How we started to create the vision

8th of December, 8pm: Christmas time, perfect time for a fairy tale – Vojta told us a nice fairy tale with many good princess, kings, queens, kingdoms = perfect way how to explain the whole history of 🙂

Prince and princess

8th of December, 8:15pm: We are almost there!!!!







Presentation of vision    Presentation of vision


Why we do what we do - vision    Why we do what we do - vision

Why we do what we do - vision    Why we do what we do - vision




and the first part of our new vision is introduced! SWEET HOME, SWEETER ABROAD! – read more - Sweet home, sweeter abroad – Sweet home, sweeter abroad

…the second part…think different….no, sorry, Apple thinks different…we, in, UNDERSTAND DIFFERENT!! – read more - Understand different – Understand different

…and of course, we know that alone we cannot be sucesfull! LIFE IS FULL OF POSSIBILITIES but we know that we need people to enjoy all possibilities – it means you, clients and team-mates, because through and with you we can connect the whole word and move the world forward! – read more - Life full of possibilities – Life full of possibilities

8th of December, 9:00pm: Everybody presented what he/she likes the most from the new vision…a lot of emotions, tears, laugh…emotions up and down. Now we are sure that we go through the same path to reach impossible. Because we know that nothing is impossible and immposible is…..nothing 🙂 - Emotions, tears, laugh – Emotions, tears, laugh

8th of December, 9:30pm: Christmas presents!!!! Finally 🙂 Suddenly, all adult people became small children 🙂 - Christmas presents   



8th of December, 11:30pm: Moving to the RETRO MUSIC club… Sorry guys, but no pictures no stories can be presented from that period of the night 🙂 We hope you understand this – we are professionals and we need to have this image even after this event, that is why nothing can be published 🙂 Long story short: we are happy and fired up that we do what we do and how we do it! We are looking forward to the next days, weeks, months, years when we will be ready to help you! If you are curious about our new vision, the official one, the serious one, feel free to check it here: team team and part of GrowJOB team


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