Why we do what we do

Let us introduce you our completely new vision/mission of our agency! For a long time we have behaved, dealt and  communicated with everybody who was in touch with us in certain way.

We somehow wanted to be nice to all of you. We wanted to understand foreigners and help them with everything possible when they relocate to the Czech Republic.

We also tried to change the way how usual Czechs feel about foreigners as there are sometimes misunderstandings and culture differences.

Our client has been the priority number ONE all the time!

We somehow knew all this. But we have never realized this and we have never written this down. Our team is also composed of people who wants to improve themselves, grow in the field of personal grow, professional area and so on so they can do their job better than they did yesterday!

What a “vision” is

Vision is the main statement, principles and values of the whole company and its members. It should be clear and short. It should explain “WHY we do our job”.

Vision can also be as a “personal vision”. It should explain what is your personal main mission of the whole life. Your most important values and principles.

How we started

Once upon a time, there was a king and a queen… That is how a long story of Foreigners.cz agency could start. And that is also how a long story of creating a new vision started.

It was not anything what we created in one day but we worked for few months to create what we created.
We are proud to introduce you our new vision. Which reflects our core values. Which tells you what is important for us. What makes us happy to do what we do for you. Because for us it is not just “a” job. It is “the” service we do from our heart. Mission which we carry in our hearts. Read it below or check the oficial brochure.

With our help visitors feel more at home.
With our help visitors feel more at home.


Entering a foreign country usually brings about a wide variety of feelings. Our aim is to encourage and deepen the positive ones.

We help expats fulfil their needs. Starting with a smooth arrival to the country, followed by relocation services, transport or accommodation and finishing with get-together events and parties.

With our help visitors feel more at home.

“Dear Foreigners.cz Brno, I would like to thank you very much for your incredible help you have provided me in Brno. Not only for the very good flat, but also helping me synchronize my self with the culture and how Czechs / Brno is living, to organize my life (for this short stay). From how the timetable of tram works, suggestions for restaurants, night events, up to where and how to visit many nice place is Brno, it was excellent ! Specially, I thank Oksana, Liduska and Veronica, but also all the team, for their patient. I am sure that without them, I wouldn’t be able to find many things, as the English speaking in the city is very limited. My last days in Brno was very good, as all the previous ones, but running around to setup the final matters for my trip back to Greece. Keep on the good work ! I will be glad to see you in Greece.“  Costas Tritsaris

The purpose of our work is to increase mutual understanding.
The purpose of our work is to increase mutual understanding.


We establish respect for variety. We are changing foreigners’ perspective on the Czech Republic and we also help our citizens understand other cultures.

Our team has been gaining experience in all parts of the world. Owing to our own travels we know how hard it might be to get accustomed to a local environment and to overcome cultural differences.

The purpose of our work is to increase mutual understanding.

“Martin, I thank you so much for your help and you should know that I rely on you. Believe me that you have a very good reputation within many foreigners in which means. It is a credit for your life, future and for your business.„ Alex

Together we move the world forward.
Together we move the world forward.


We are a group of people who believe that together they can achieve the impossible. Thanks to mutual inspiration and personal development, we may walk the roads that have not been followed before.

The more people you know, the further you can reach. Together with our clients we build a widespread network of international contacts, of friendship and experience.

Together we move the world forward.

“Dear Andrea, everything was perfect from your side and everybody was very satisfied! There were some argue and hassles but you know this. But I was really impressed how your employees handled everything – both girls were really professional!  You have really good employees!! Have a nice day!” Areti

To see the whole brochure of the new vision click here.

This vision should be a small guide what you should expect from our whole team. Because the vision was created in cooperation with the whole Foreigners.cz team and all values and principles comes from each member of our team! Be sure that in future will also choose new members of our team only if they understand our vision and are willing to act like that!

We hope that it will help us to provide you even better services than now from everybody of our team!

Wait for the next blog post about the oficial presentation of the vision and pictures from that “party” 🙂 Coming soon…


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