No Contract SIM Card Convenient for Expats to Buy in Our Office

Have you made many new friends while traveling across the Czech Republic during the summer holidays that you want to keep talking to? Do you want to call your family back home without paying a fortune for the phone bill? Does the use of Internet data in your mobile help you feel comfortable in your daily life? 

Your notional “yes” to these questions has a realistic reflection in the form of O2 OpenCall SIM Card which is now available in Foreigners office.

OpenCall telephone company powered by O2 offers cheap communication worldwide which is suitable especially for expats. One of the best options is to get so-called “Maxi Package” with very fine conditions which make a foreigner’s life much more enjoyable.

First, by getting this SIM card you keep your freedom since there is no need to sign any contract.

Second, for 799 CZK per month you have:

  • unlimited calls to all Czech networks
  • 150 free minutes to the rest of the world
  • 1,5 GB data

If you want to take advantage of the SIM card but paying less than 799 CZK it’s not a problem: you can charge as much money as you want on your SIM and call for these prices:

  • calls within the OpenCall/O2 network for 1 CZK/min
  • calls to all networks in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Poland for 1.80 CZK/min
  • calls to the rest of Europe from 2.50 CZK/min

As you can see, calls made in the OpenCall/O2 networks are super cheap so if you are a family or a bunch of friends living here it’s advantageous when you all have this SIM to talk to each other.

Another benefit of the SIM card is that since the provider is O2 mobile operator company there are places to charge your credit literally on each corner: tobacco stores, cash machines, post office.

Come for your new SIM card to our office and speak to your distant beloved ones whenever you want to!

Lucie Patkova

Hello, our dear blog readers! Since I am passionate about sharing interesting and important information, it's my pleasure to keep you updated what's going on in the Czech Republic so you feel at home here ;-)

3 thoughts on “No Contract SIM Card Convenient for Expats to Buy in Our Office

  1. Hi!

    Does it work the same for calls in Africa ? I mean, If I take the 799 plan do I really have 150minutes or will I be charged differently according to the country I call.

  2. hello
    i already have an existing o2 number and a contract with them which i dont plan on keeping for much longer. i wanted to ask would it be possible to switch to OpenCall without changing my number
    thank you

  3. This is a great inspirational article. I am very happy about your good work. They really have very helpful information. Go on. Keep blogging.

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