Next Weekend’s Activity? A Trip To Vyšehrad

Sitting upon a grand hill overlooking the Vltava River, Vyšehrad is a location boasting more than just history, but 3 different yet incredible views of Prague , ample park playspace, and last but not least- ice cream! This fabulous combination of attractions provides for the perfect location to spend your Saturday this coming weekend. To begin, the view of the entire city of Prague is truly incredible from Vyšehrad. There are park benches scattered all over the place, as well as many open and grassy spaces for you to situate yourself on to enjoy the day. I would recommend bringing a picnic to enjoy here! At the back entrance to Vyšehrad, there is a staircase that offers one of the most stunning views of Prague that I have ever seen. Looking from this angle truly reminds you that living in Prague is like living in a fairy tale land. Lastly, the third view of Prague that can be seen from Vyšehrad is the view of the Vltava River, my person favorite view. When you got to the corner of Vyšehrad to see this view, there is a long pathway along the wall of Vyšehrad. You can walk this path along the skyline of Prague’s city and river meeting point. This is great for families, dates, or even by yourself! Any way you want to experience Vyšehrad, you can. Play some soccer in the park, catch a little sun, have a picnic, walk the skyline, eat some ice cream , enjoy the restaurants, or simply take in the phenomenal views of Prague. A day at Vyšehrad will be no doubt a fabulous one to remember, and never wasted.

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